I want to strangle her and call it a day.

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  1. I just got the Classic Quilted WoC in lambskin (as there is a caviar one too) today but I am extremely unhappy about what I had to go through and will need to do.

    The first time I bought it (Friday), The SA at the Portland DT Nordstrom gave me the quilted caviar from the fall 09 collection when I asked for lambskin. I didn't realize until I got home (my bad for not checking before I left but I'd assume the SA would KNOW what she's doing considering I've seen her there several times). Then someone may mention why I didn't notice the difference in $75, it was because recently, I was told the new quilted WoC was only $1500, not knowing it was for the new caviar ones.

    The next day (Saturday) I took it back to exchange the caviar for the lambskin and I paid $75 extra for the lambskin -> the original price I had intended to pay but none the less, spent over $25. The day before, I did not ask for validation as I had spent money buying $200 worth of clothes but since I especially made a trip downtown for the exchange, I needed validation and they said: NO. The nerves of these people! This time, I made sure I told them I wanted lambskin and I checked the sticker on the box this time.

    When I got home, I realized they had given me a floor model or something. It's got nail scratches on the bag, the CC's in the front is scratched too. Furthermore, the little pocket on the back of the WoC is off. I know I might sound anal and b*tchy complaining but I feel like if I'm going to spend over 1K on a handbag, I should be treated at least decently and given the quality product this brand promises.

    This is the 2nd time I've purchased a chanel from nordstroms and 2nd problem I've had with them at the SAME location. The 1st time, they sent me a defective white timeless clutch. The clutch had yellow glue stains alllllll over the left and right metal wear.

    I'm so discouraged from shopping there but it's the only Chanel that will be in Portland and I like to hold the products before I buy them. =( Too bad saks is going byebye. =(
  2. I'm sorry to hear what you had gone through.

    I never shopped at NM before coz I don't live in the US. but weren't you able to check the purse before taking it home both times?
  3. Oh noo! What are you going to do now? Go back there and exchange it? I always check everything before they pack it just to make sure everything is right, I even explained that to the SA at the Chanel Boutique. I hope you get this sorted out and make sure they give you what you really want.

    Good luck!
  4. I saw the lady take it from the back so i assumed they were fresh.

    Then the clutch, i had to order it while i was in seattle and this lead me to the habbit of having to feel and touch a bag before i buy it. i guess i felt and touched the wrong ones. I guess this is a lesson learned. I'm probably going to have to go back again. =( drives me crazy.
  5. I don't think you are anal to want a bag without scratches. As matter of fact, you sound really laid back since you didn't check the item you are paying a lot of money for. Not just once but both times.

    You have to get into the habit of actually checking the item you are buying. Almost everyone does that. If you aren't going to do that, there's really no point of having to feel and touch it?

    Even if a bag was a fresh one, that doesn't gurantee it would be perfect. Lots of things these days come with defects and flaws even if they were never manhandled. Each time you buy one, you should ask to see it and spend some time to inspect it and get that specific one if it passes your standard. SAs are used to customers doing that since that's what most people do. Many shoppers even ask SAs to bring out more than one (sometimes all of them) to compare and pick the best one.
  6. I totally agree with Minatol. You may know the SA well, but it does pay to check the bag before you go home. I examined my bag closely before handing out my money and I dont feel bad about it because it cost me lots of $$$. It will save you trip going back and forth.
  7. It is sad when you are spending so much money that you have to be the one to check everything out, but that's the environment we live in today.

    I used to be just like you. I'd let them get the bag out of the back and ring it up without me ever looking at it. I guess it is because I used to think that the SA would inspect every inch of the bag when I purchased a Chanel. Sadly it just doesn't happen. I don't know if it is that they are too busy, don't care, or too lazy. I find I only get that kind of service from an SA that I know very well--someone I've bought many things from.
  8. How awful! When I buy from my Chanel boutique, they always have me look the bag over first, even if they bring it out from the back. They insist I look it over. All stores should really do this.

    It's true, you have to get in the habit off looking over the bag before you buy it, it's sometimes hard to remember to do because you get excited and you feel a bag from the back that no one has touched should be perfect.

    Sorry you have to go back again and make an exchange, that stinks. I hope they have what you want, in perfect condition.
  9. That's horrible for the amount of $$ you are paying you deserve a non faulty item and good service!!
    Hope it works out!! :smile:
  10. What's anal about wanting your purse to be perfect when you buy it? Nothing in my eyes. When you're paying that sort of money for a purse it should be scratch free, defect free etc.
    Sorry to hear about your problems with them. Maybe you should complain to Nordstrom about the shoddy service you're receiving when you go there, I would. Good luck.
  11. I am so sorry you are going through this. For the money you spent you should expect a perfect bag. I usually pull a new bag out in my car and check it there in the natural light. That way I can walk right back inside and exchange it. Nail marks are unacceptable and you should return it ASAP. Let's not forget that while $1,500 is "cheap" by Chanel standards, it is the price of 10 regular bags for the average consumer and $1,500 should guarantee you a perfect, defect free bag...and parking validation!
  12. ITA with this. It wasn't a charge send, you were there to physically pick it up. SAs are not perfect, and often times, there are not extremely knowledgable about the product. Once I was in Nordies looking at bags and the SA tried to compliment me saying she loved my MJ bag. I was like, um, this is Balenciaga, not Marc Jacobs. PFers know way more than most SAs!!! That is why this forum is such a great resource. Saying that you want to strangle the SA is a bit harsh IMO. It is the buyers responsibility to check out what they are purchasing before they make the purchase (unless it is online or a charge send). The SA made the initial mistake by not bringing you the correct item, but you made two mistakes not checking the bag on either occassion.
  13. You are not alone. At Gucci an SA (not my usual) tried to pressure me to buying the scratched display model of a bag that cost over $2000.

    All the pressure "they haven't made many of these" / "this is the only one we have" / "I don't know if any other Gucci's in London have one" / tomorrow's our busiest day so I could hold it for you but only overnight" etc


    I could by one off the UK site!

    Thank goodness my usual SA came back from lunch and rescued me from her clutches

    Having had the hard push in CHANEL at Harrods a weeks earlier on a bag that was even more expensive that was clearly iffy quality to put it mildly and told when I spotted a beautifully made large flap, that it was 'too big for me' (I'm 5.5 1/2') because he can sell it so much more easily.

    All of that escapade put me off CHANEL big time.

    If more of us demand perfection for out megabucks and the stores will get the idea.

    New scratched bags - no no no
  14. That's a surprising attitude from Nordies. For that kind of money girl you can be any way you want when getting a damaged bag. My Nordies doesn't even carry Chanel. As a matter of fact, the only place I could get it was at the Chanel boutique inside Nieman Marcus. Now that I've gone through the experience of buying one, I would definitely buy an expensive bag from the boutique itself. Such a bummer for you.
  15. Sorry to hear what happened to you.:flowers: