I want to start curling my hair, its sooooo straight its boring! Help!?

  1. What's a quick and easy way to get it curly, like loose curls? Thanks :smile:
  2. So do I, tried it last week and it looked sooooooooo pretty curly.
    My hair is thin and flat with no body, it's driving me insane.

    I don't know if curling it is healthy with a curling iron all the time, it took at least 4 days to get back to normal (and it was frizzy after the curls came out)

  3. would you ever get a perm? my friend got a perm with loose curls and it looks really nice. its curled just enough to make it look like she didnt make a huge hassle over it. if not perms, what about heated rollers? or curling irons? those take a lot of time though =T
  4. True, curling iron takes a huge amount of time, also you may need someone to help do the back, quite a headache.
  5. Use a a large-barreled curling iron and run your fingers through your hair after. Curling your hair with a curling iron is really labour intensive, but worth it! Also, when using a curling iron, make sure you put some heat protecter in your hair to keep it from drying out.
  6. i'd do the hot rollers.
  7. When you are blowdrying, blow dry with a medium barrel brush.
    Tighten the hair around (like a roller) the brush and blow dry each section.
    When you let the hair go, twist the section of hair around and pin it on top of your head with a curling pin.
    Continue with another section of hair...
    Eventually your hair will be pinned up.....
    When finished, take the pins out and your hair will be full of loose waves and lots of body.
    Spray if wanted.
    Quicker than a curling iron and hot roller, I have those too and I use this technique cuz it's what my hairstylist does to my hair when I want the "pornstar hair" (those are her words LOL)
  8. OMG I would kill for naturally straight hair. Mine can be wavy, a bit better now that it is longer but I spend a fortune at hairdressers each week having it blow dried straight. I guess we are never happy LOL
  9. Hi Gals,

    Just pop into any korean hair salon and ask for a digital perm..it is not harsh and lasts about 3-4 months..big bouncy curls that looks so natural. costs about US$130. depending on length of hair. They have fancy equipment..they roll your hair in special rods which is attached to a electical 'spaceship' above your head so negative ions are discharged into the rods and it curls..takes about 2 hours for the whole process includng shampoo, styling, cutting etc.

    similar, if you want to straighten your hair, ask for the straight perm using the latest ion tech..good for the hair..

    gal down under
  10. Oops, here' s some example of the digital perm..it originates from japan..of course..but i find that korean salons charge less..there are heaps of such salons in any chinatowns.

  11. Me too. I'm worse off than you.. I have some seriously irritating curls. Boo!!! I want straight hair!!!
  12. Thanks girls! :smile: *starts saving* lol
  13. My hair is naturally curly but my friends use curling irons and tons of hairspray to curl their hair!
  14. mine just falls out if i curl it :sad:
  15. Maybe you could try something like Redken's Spray Startch next time you curl? I've used this before and usually my hair falls straight out of the curl, but this held it in the curl for a little while longer :smile: