I want to spice up my Luco...any tips?

  1. Hi again! This is my second post in the LV forum. I had posted earlier about deciding between my Luco and a BH. I decided to keep the Luco and hold out for a reasonably priced gold dentelle BH. In the meantime I'd really like to do something to spice up my Luco. Fake LV's are a dime a dozen in Houston and I think that's part of the reason I don't wear my Luco much. I'd love to add something that sets it apart from the sea of fakes. I was thinking about the groom bandeau in red or yellow because it's classic looking, matches the canvas perfectly, and is seasonless but can only find it on eBay. Was this a ltd. release? Does anyone else have any suggestions for how I could make my bag a tad different without spending a fortune? TIA!
  2. oo a scarf or bandeau looks great on LV, i made my little red bow out of a bit of red material i had left over and it really makes the bag POP!

    experiment with diffrent colours, the other good thing about a scarf is you can change it up to go with whatever outfit you wanna wear!!
  3. How about a cles to attach to your bag? I have two - a groom and a framboise vernis. They are so functional and they add some color to monogram.
  4. nickkyvintage- I love your idea! Your bag with the bow in your avatar looks great! If I can't find a groom bandeau, I'll have to do that. I really like yellow, so maybe I'll do yellow fabric.

    I'm such a loser! What is a cles?? I love the whole groom line, so I'd love to know what a groom cles looks like. How much are they?
  5. I think a groom cles would be very cute as a "bag charm" on your Luco. LV.com has both the round and the rectangular cles pictured, so you can SEE them, but they're not available currently. (Although, did I hear tpf rumors that they might be bringing Groom back?) The Luco looks pretty big -- too big for a hanging pastilles or one of the other more jewelry-like keychains. I think you need something sizable and bold with that bag. A bandeau or a cles sounds like the best choice!
  6. Beth, I was thinking the same thing.. the Luco might be too big for the Pastilles.. here's a pic of my Trevi with the Pastilles.. and I also put them on my Cabas Piano and they look great there too!

  7. Oh wow Sparklemint, that is stunning!! I wonder if it would stretch far enough to fit my Luco. I'm going to go measure. Do you know the length on yours?
  8. Hi Echo.. Let me check.. brb!
  9. OK.. the measurements of the clasp on the Trevi from the outside on each side is 6.5 inches.

    The length of the pastilles is 8 inches.. it can also be worn as a bracelet!

    Best of luck finding your adornment!!
  10. Great! That should work. Although the Luco is wide, the handle spacing is only 5" from the outside edge of one metal piece to the inside edge of the other. Thanks so much! I'll either get the pastilles or the bandeau...or both:graucho:
  11. That's what I meant when I said the clasp on the Trevi is 6.5 inches.. so the Luco's hardware should easily accomodate the pastilles.

    Oh Yay!!! Make sure you take pics for us!! :tup:
  12. That looks fantastic! :tup: I have a Pastilles as well and it really dresses up a bag nicely. I usually attach mine to my Damier Papillon 30. I think a Luco would look great with it draped on the front.
  13. The above photo looks VERY pretty! Fun! I'm treating myself for :heart:day! I could see the Pastilles or LV key chain charm on my Luco! To echo_23, regardless of "sea of fakes", the ones who knows know. I feel that even without any spicing up your Luco, its authentic nature sets it apart (big time!) to sport with pride and joy! Regarding groom bandeau you mentioned, my own preference is the Fortune key holder (if I get that, another spraying of Apple repellant for me!) I'm also now thinking how the Pastille dangles will eventually look with the inevitable "wear and tear" on the pretty enameled dangles...am also afraid a dangle or two would come off and there goes a 400 purchase..talking about being paranoid. Maybe a vachetta leather Fortune key chain instead for my Luco. Now I got ME all confused which one to get! Whichever it may be, the LV key chain would be a wonderful spruce-up tip! The simple and yet classy Luco will have a touch of elegance! :tup:
  14. MayC.. i have the Fortune leather key holder as well.. I use it on my cerise bucket with the Juicy Couture enamel cherry charm.. it's so cute. I will take pics of it tomorrow to give you an idea how it looks hanging from a bag!

    (sorry for the threadjack! :shame: )
  15. Thanks Sparklemint!! I just actually started a thread about experiences, durability, comments about Pastilles and other LV Key chain charms. I like the simple mono (call it boring) but classy Luco for my tote or just as a big bag for casual. Am now indecisive since all these accessories are just adorable! The Pastilles are very nice and fun, but am thinking it might be a little too dramatic? Delicate esp when dangles gets snugged? The Fortune leather key holder I also like since I like the antiques and perhaps coz I'm part Chinese (get?) Wish I could buy more than one, but the prices is almost like building up for a purse purchase! Will check back. Thanks in advance for the photo and thanks to echo_23 for this interesting thread!:heart: