I want to share with you my new Arizona bag!!

  1. I just thought some of you would love to see better pictures of this bag.It is very cute in person,and feels wonderful to touch.It is to me,also quite heavy for a smaller bag:flowers:
    P1000851_edited-1.jpg P1000860_edited-1.jpg P1000862_edited-1.jpg P1000854_edited-1.jpg P1000863_edited-1.jpg
  2. The Arizona comes in silver and gold .Mine is in gold. The hardware sort of has a vintage look to it.
  3. :heart: :heart: :heart: IT! :yes:
  4. OMG Toonie, its gorgeous! what season is that bag from, price? any other styles/shapes?

    It looks wonderful on you, congrats.
  5. Thanks guys!!This bag is for sale now.It is pricey $3,500. I have only seen it in silver and gold, There is another clutch type style.I'm not sure what it is called,But if I remember correctly,It was much more expensive than this style.
  6. GORGEOUS!:love:
  7. Wow, love it!!
  8. Beautiful bag for a night out, are you taking her anywhere soon?
  9. I might be going to Vegas soon .So maybe then!!Thanks Tods!
  10. Very nice!:love:
  11. That is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! :drool:

    I was admiring it in your avatar and was wondering what it was. And then I saw this post!
  12. What a STUNNING bag :drool:. Congrats!
  13. Wow!! That is a stunner! Enjoy!
  14. Toonie - Absolutely stunning bag. You bag looks great on you. Congrats!
  15. Hmm=- Very Pricey Though For A Small Bag\