I want to share with you my great consignment finds!

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  1. #1 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    Here are some fantastic high-end things I've collected over the last few years and I will keep adding when I find more! I would love it if you could all post your unbelievable consignment store finds too!!

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  2. And a few more: If you hold your mouse over the picture, the name should show up (I've labeled the pics).

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  3. Just a few more:

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  4. I also want to point out that the most expensive item above is my Burberry wool suit that I paid.......drum roll please............$125!!! It's probably worth $1000 -it's made in Italy and would say it's no more than 2 seasons old and in pristine condition. My Chanel shoes would be my 2nd most expesive item that I paid $70 for. Thanks for letting me share! :smile:
  5. Wow -- can I go shopping with you? I love everything!
  6. Yes l need to come with you...another member COLDSTEEL...always get bargains.....there is an ebay shop that l get bits from...but we have nothing like that here shame x
  7. Antonia
    i :heart: those Chanel pumps! congrats!

  8. Yes, let's go shopping! :yes:
  9. Thanks, Smvida! I really lucked out when I found those! They are in almost new condition too. :yahoo:

    The Tod's shoes were brand new and I got those for $45 and the black Ferragamo's were also brand new and those were $50.
  10. Once I get my $8 dior vest back from the drycleaners, I'll post a pic. =) Amazing finds!
  11. I will take pictures of my treasures this evening. Love consignement stores
  12. By the way, great items, I liked the burberry jacket most
  13. [​IMG]

    I love this one!!! Congrats!!!
  14. ^I love that jacket too!
    Great finds ;)
  15. ^^ Thank you ladies! That jacket caught my eye because it looked so much like a Chanel (I wish it was Chanel!) I still love it.