I Want To Share Pics Of My Collection But Cant Upload .....help!!!

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  1. Guys, I want to share pics of my collection but my pictures ALL seem to exceed the megabytes allowed for upload? How do you guys get around this problem? My pictures are taken with a Cannon Digital Camera. Any suggestions on how to upload would be GREATLY appreciated!:s:s:push::push:
  2. I've the same problem too!
  3. try photobucket? external website hosting. a lot easier and convenient. just need the links and upload them here. easy.
  4. You can try: http://tinypic.com/ and just copy and paste the links here :biggrin:
  5. Ladydeluxe & Xanderbsb, thank you so much for the help! :smile:
  6. Yes ladies, thanks for the tips and your fast response!! :yes::yes:
  7. I use www.imageshack.us

    It's really easy; just upload the pic you want and doubleclick on the thumbnail that comes up, which will enlarge the photo. Right click on the photo, choose copy, and paste the photo into your tPF thread!
  8. can't wait to see pics!
  9. hope u get it sorted so i can drool\over pics
  10. I finally uploaded and posted pics - in the Jewelry box and Glass slipper! This week-end I will definitely be posting pics of my collection. Thank you sooooo much for the tips on posting Guys!
  11. You need to "resize" photos for the web. Chances are your camera takes pics that are 3+ megapixels. A good size pic for the web is 4x6 at 72 dpi. You need a photo editing program in order to resize images...we have Photoshop which is not the answer for consumers! Good luck! Maybe some of the other suggestions will help.
  12. cant wait tiil you post your pics- i will def. be coming back to check them out
  13. hope it works out, can't wait to see your collection :smile:
  14. there's a thread always available at the top of our Feedback Dropbox Forum for help w/ posting photos.
    I need to close this now as it's not Chanel related.
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