I want to share my new purchase!

  1. I went the coach store few blocks away and came back this THIS baby blue baby. It is very cute :love: and everything fit!!! Not a lot of leather not too luxury but I think will make a nice school bag or maybe even a walk at the beach (?) Anyway I am :biggrin:~
  2. cute! love blue!
  3. Very cute, I really like the colour.
  4. is that the opal? it looks really nice!
  5. Great summer bag! Love that shade of blue! Enjoy!
  6. WHat a cute bag!!! Congrats.
  7. very pretty, i really like the light blue/white combo.
  8. That is so cute for Spring. Congrats!
  9. very nice
  10. I just love the baby blue and white kinda sporty too haha
  11. I don't know @___@ the store also had a larger one but I didn't like it as much.
  12. Two thumbs up! Cute bag!
  13. I have that in black, but it's LOVELY in blue! Cute bag!!
  14. I really like it here is another picture it is alittle smaller than then speedy 30 but still pretty spacious.
  15. I love that bag!