I want to share my new Montaigne and Azur

  1. For those who are thinking of getting this bag, its a agreat size and there is a back slip in pocket for easy access.

    The Azur keepall is a great price for such huge compartment space.
  2. WOW! Congrats on you new bags-love the ivorie epi and the keepall is TDF
  3. Wow!!!! :drool: Congrats on both! Can you please model the Montaigne for us> :graucho: LOVE your new goodies!!!
  4. wow...great pieces...congrats!!!
  5. Gorgeous bag!!! Love the Montaigne!
  6. :yahoo: Congrats!! looks fab
  7. Congrats! i really love the Montaigne!
  8. They are both beauties. Spring is definitely on the way!
  9. Congrats ... you purchased them just in time for autumn here;) Not that it even feels like it as today it was 34 degrees here:yucky:
  10. OMG, I lvoe the Montaigne! Congrats!
  11. i love both your new purchases! the montaigne is stunning in the ivory! :drool: :love: please wear them both in good health and thanks for sharing!
  12. Gorgeous bags! Congrats!!!
  13. Both bags are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! I LOVE the new epi color! SO nice!
  14. love the first bag! congrats!
  15. Gorgeous...the montaigne is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!