I want to share my new mini cooper...PIC~!!

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  1. I just picked up my mini cooper S today.. I ordered it at Jan and it finally arrive this month.

    this is my dream car !!!!!!!!!

    i am so excited!!

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  2. Congratulations! I love the color, it's gorgeous.
  3. the root suppose to be white.. but they made a mistake. my family and friend said actually it looks good with black top...
  4. Cute!
  5. :nuts: I LOVE it!!!!!
    omg that is the best car ever. Lucky lucky you. Enjoy it.
  6. I am start looking for accessories to put into the car.. hehehehhe
  7. It's so "ducky" ;)

  8. OMG, its goregeous!!!! I def want a mini cooper as my next car :heart:
  9. gorgeous, you lucky gal. I love the mini, it really has the best gearbox around, and is such fun to drive.

    I agree, the roof is fab in black, wont get so dirty either ;)

    congrats, enjoy driving your new car around :smile:
  10. Very cute. I agree with your family and friends the black roof looks fantastic.
  11. omg! im so jealous!!! those are my favorite cars!!
  12. congrats. im jealous too...lol. have you seen the tiger print you can have put in the roof, id love that.
  13. Ooh it's lovely!! & I love the color!! I can't wait to get mine this summer!! :smile:
  14. It's my dream car too, lucky gal!! It's gorgeous! Enjoy!
  15. Congrats!!!!:dothewave::drinks: