I want to share my enthusiasm!

  1. I just found out I won tickets to the AFI concert this Sunday from a local radio station! I am so pumped and happy b/c I won and b/c I got free tickets to my favorite band.

    To anyone that does not know who AFI is you may have heard them on the radio singing "Miss Murder".

  2. CONGRATS! Have fun!
  3. That's so cool! Congrats! I haven't heard that song, I'll keep my ears open for it though!
  4. Congrats! That is awesome, I :heart: "Miss Murder"!:tender:
  5. Congrats! You'll have tons of fun!
  6. Thanks everyone! I hope I don't come back with bruises :girlsigh:
  7. Congrats !! That's really awesome. :biggrin:
  8. congrats...........
  9. Congrats!!! I want to win something too
  10. Congrats!! Did you get pit tickets or something? :nuts: And you'll get bruised up if you're staying in the pit so make sure you don't bring your good bag to the concert.
  11. ^ LOL! Good advice Irissy!

    Congratulations! Have fun!
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. Yay! Be sure to post a report and, if possible, pictures!!!
  14. OMG the concert was sooo good! It was the best time I had and the concert was actually sold out 2 weeks ago! People were trying to get in who had not gotten tickets yet but no luck! I felt so special that I got mine free and found out 2 days ago.

    The club had 2 levels so instead of going into the mosh pit and went on the 2nd floor. I was literally on top of the stage and had a perfect view of the band. It was getting wild in the mosh pit and some people had to get pulled out b/c of dehydration and one fainted before it even started so I am glad I was upstairs. It was still hot though and I felt all gross and sweaty after but it was so worth it!

    They played all my fav songs from their 3 albums and for you punk girls I love Davey Havok. He looked so awesome that night and he looked up in my direction. I felt like a dork b/c I actually waved and my bf cracked up. He said, "you really think he see you?" :shame:Well I like to believe so.

    Thanks for letting me share the most fab night that I will never forget!
  15. Free tickets are the best tickets!
    Congrats and I am glad you had fun!!