I want to sell my GUCCI purse but I'm having a hard time.

  1. I've been trying to sell my Gucci Firenze D-Ring purse on eBay. But no one is bidding. Its difficult. Its a good purse, I barely even used it. I bought it for over $1000 (with tax) from Neiman Marcus. I have the receipt, dust bag and tags.

    I'm trying to start off the New Year being debt free. So I'm selling off my designer purses. I have one that I use all the time, so the rest look almost brand new and they're all just sitting in my closet. I'm trying to sell my Coach signature soho boho in white, Christian Dior Rasta #1 Messenger bag and Coach boho black leather bag.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could sell my purses? I don't want to just give it away. Ideally, I would like to get back at least half of what I spent, but I don't think that is possible.
  2. What about consignment through annsfabulousfinds or rodeo drive resale?
  3. i was also having this problem with my Coach's that i was trying to sell off. i heard its better to start the auction low to encourage bidding? it also depends on the style if the resale value is good. for example, lots of fendi's resale value is not that great except spies because they are in such great demand.
    maybe you can try consignment places like ann's fabulous finds? she might take commission but at least you will be selling it for more??
  4. Sorry it's not going so great... I'm sure the auction will pick up when it gets closer to ending. The only gucci item i have sold on eBay was a web wallent and i got a decent amount back for it. The rest of my gucci's that i sold are to either friends or family. I find that i get a better return from selling to people i know and know the value of the purse. And it helps that I don't have to prove it's authencity because they know its 100% authentic. I hope the auction goes better for you and good luck!
  5. eBay selling is tough especially you've to compete with those fugly fakes! Plus Gucci resell value sucks.

    I hope your auction goes well. Good luck!
  6. I think it's hard to sell right after the holidays but I could be wrong. You might want to wait a little bit til people can financially recover after the holidays. Don't start it too low.. I've practically given away some Gucci's doing that. I seem to do better when I sell Coach or LV. Good Luck.
  7. Maybe its my timing then. I sold Coach wallets and they were pretty decent priced at $40 - $80. But I'm not getting any biting for My Gucci, Christian Dior and Coach purses. I think I'll wait and sell them maybe next month.

    Oh and shorty0527, I think you should get the LV Mini Lin Speedy. Its my favorite LV line, I have the Boulogne and its my everyday bag! I LOVE it! Stain resistant and so easy to take care of. I don't ever baby it and it looks fantastic. =).. Its the reason why I don't use any other purse. Im in love with my Mini Lin.
  8. ^ kjoyiss i'm feel torn between the two speedies because they are sooo different. i know lots of the LV girls have 3,4,5.. speedies. but i'm trying to control my greediness here! but soooo glad to hear that about the mini lin. i like it cause it's different. i'm turned off by mono because it's been faked so much... except of course the TIVOLI GM!!!!!! (yummmmmmy!) but anyway i'm off topic. i need to sell off my coachs so good to hear you've had luck. i should retry.
  9. I would agree with mssmelanie - just that time of year....
    Plus gucci never had great resell value... lord knows why - it is fabulous!!

  10. I don't know if you've used the online ebay calc (hope this isn't against tpf rules) but it's great!

    gives you a pretty good idea of how much you'll recover after fees and it'll help you determine what to set your opening bid at.

    gucci retail is terrible for sure. makes me report every single fake i see (props to our mods for educating us!) small steps definitely but it'll help all of us in the long run.:yes:
  11. Have you considered donating the bag to charity and taking a tax deduction on your 2008 taxes? No, it won't help you be debt free now, but it'll help you later. Your accountant can help you choose what amount to declare, but it could very well be more than you get on eBay if things are so sluggish there now.
  12. how that dior rasta looks like..
    i would like to have dior rasta saddle bag..but i couldn't find it anywhere..
  13. Has anyone sold items through anns fabolous finds? I also have a gucci to sell. It didn't go well at all on ebay!
  14. Hey there...ebay has so many fakes many people are reluctant to pay the price for a TRULY AUTHENTIC designer bag. Also, many people can't tell what's real and what's fake. In October 07 I wanted to sell an LV Musette Salsa bag and I was really afraid to sell it on ebay. I ended up consigning it with fashionphile.com (a designer consignment shop in Beverly Hills). From the proceeds I bought a LV Speedy 30. They specialize in LV consignment but they also sell other designers too. Good luck.
  15. Please remember that buying and selling(AND especially OFFERING to buy a bag) IS NOT PERMITTIED on the PF.....