I want to sell my engagement ring :(

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  1. Hiya everyone.
    So after i walked in and found my fiancee in bed with my "best friend!" I freaked out got crazy angry and left him. I can honestly im sick of looking at his reminder on my finger.
    So im selling it. But for how much? I dont have a clue what its worth and my cam is broke so i have no pictures. I just want to sell it asap. All i know is its real, 18ct white gold, single half carat round solitare diamond.
    I cant stand the thought of knowing i would have married him when hes that kind of man!
    I loved my ring, but not enough to forget where it came from and what it reminds me of now!
    Its about 5 years old and when first purchased i believe it was £1,600.
    Thank you everyone x
  2. You're going to take a huge hit in value; the best way to get the 'most' from it is to trade it in when you buy another piece of jewelry.
  3. You won't get what you paid for it out of it. You can try to resell in a resale site; most jewelers won't buy used jewelry unless it's estate or antique & the jeweler deals with those types of items. You would be better off using it as a trade in on something else you may want. That or if you really like the diamond, have it set in something else like a pendant.
  4. 1) You won't get anywhere near what he paid for it. You're better off resetting it or seeing if the jeweler it came from will take it on trade towards something else.

    2) Check the laws in your state/country before you do anything of the sort. In most states/countries, it's not legally yours til you marry. If you do sell it, he could sue you and win for selling something that actually belongs to him.
  5. Interesting point on the 'ownership' question, i know where it stands where i live but i never considered that it may be different elsewhere.
  6. It varies by location. Where I live, she does not own it til the marriage "transaction" is complete with only few exclusions--most commonly the stone belonged to her family and was "loaned" to him for the proposal. In which case that family ring/stone goes back to her family. The rare occasion that it still belongs to him after the marriage "transaction" is often tied to it being a family item from his family in which case she never owned it and that's usually outlined in a prenup.
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    This is exactly true. My Son called off an engagement and he was told that in his State, the ring is the property of the man ( assuming that's who purchased it) regardless of who calls off an engagement/ wedding.

    Return the ring. It's the classy thing to do, and consider yourself lucky you didn't marry someone who would do such a thing as was done to you. Best of luck.
  8. Don't do anything yet. There may come a point when he requests the ring back and if it goes to court (I know someone in the same situation), the judge may decide you have to return it. Then you will have to return it or pay the original price to your ex. Just keep it for the time being.
  9. I heard too that if the one at fault is the guy like this case, the girl is allowed to keep the ring. But if the girl is the one then thats the time she returns the ring. I think she can keep the ring since the cause of the end of the engagement is the guy...
  10. Depends on the state/territory law. Where I live, it does not matter whose fault it is, if the marriage transaction doesn't take place, it's not her ring, period, regardless of what he did or she did. The only exceptions are family items or if she paid for part or all of it, or if there's a written document or recording that he states it's hers even if they breakup.
  11. Being a devil's advocate, affairs don't mean that a relationship/marriage/wedding is ended. If he didn't say anything like that, the above reasoning won't hold up in court.

    Best avenue is to listen to the advice about checking the law and/or consulting a lawyer before doing anything with the ring.
  12. flush it down the toilet!!

    I would return it, even if you trade it in for something "new" you might think of what happened every time you look at it. :sad: Good luck!
  13. I had not thought of the legal aspect...consult with an attorney as to what your rights are. It may be best to take the high road & return the ring. That way you wash your hands of the whole thing.
  14. I would just return it and be done with the whole thing! Take steps to heal your heart and forget about the ring and him!
  15. This is excellent advice.
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