I want to save up for a new bag for x-mas...

  1. I really want a fabric type bag and have narrowed it down to the mini lin speedy and the neocabby black mm. Now the neocabby is more than double the mini lin...yikes...do you think it is worth it? Which do you think is a better fabric bag and why? Muchos thank you's!!
  2. I just bought my Black Neo Cabby about 2 hours ago, love it! It's my third denim bag (have the Neo Speedy in Fuschia and Baggy PM in Blue). I think the Neo Cabby id going to be my favorite bag of all time. I am lving the shape, the two straps, and the lack of Vachetta. I don't have an Mini Lin Speedy but I think it is a beautiful bag too. If it came in the 25 I would buy it. Some questions you may ant to ask yourlsef: 1) Hand held or Shoulder? 2) Which one goes more with my wardrobe? 3) How much can I save between now and then?

    BTW, I hear the Black in MM is going to be back logged for awhile.
  3. I own a 30 speedy as well as the new cabby in black denim. I love the cabby. It is beautiful and I like the fact that you can carry it over your shoulder or with the handles. I have only used it once but I have found that it is a little heavier than I thought it would be. Granted I carry a lot of stuff but I put the same stuff in the speedy and the cabby and there was a difference. The cabby is a heavier bag due to the hardware and the lining. I also found my stuff fits a little better in the speedy. If you don't carry a ton of stuff and the extra weight isn't an issue I would go with the cabby. I suggest you try them both out. I am really particular and have to put all my stuff in a bag and try it out before I buy. I didn't with the cabby and was a little surprised. Still happy but surprised.
  4. I love my Mini Lin speedy. I love it so much I am going to be getting it in the Dune color in a few weeks

  5. I don't own either of these bags yet but I would get the black cabby. Simply because I really like the look of it and it has a shoulder strap as well as being handheld.:yes:
  6. I'd go for the black Cabby for sure.
  7. Neo cabby
  8. Neo Cabby!!!! I have it and its an amazing bag.. Subtle and chic.
  9. I think the cabby is a great looking bag.
  10. I don't own either but im saving up for a black cabby! that bag is amazing!
  11. I have both the mini lin speedy and the black cabby MM .. I am still new to the black cabby MM as I got it not long ago.. but I love the mini lin speedy ^^

    Em.. I think it depends on your wardrobe .. and how u save up from now cos the price of the cabby is double the price of the speedy.. !!
  12. Depends on whether you want a handheld or shoulder bag. If handbag I'd definitely go with the mini lin speedy, but if you prefer a shoulder bag I'd go with the neo cabby.
  13. I think the mini lin would be nice.
  14. I would do the black cabby. It is so soft! I didn't buy one but I do have a Saumur mini lin and while I like the material, I think the mini lin speedy will be a lot easier to get in the future than the cabby. Also, you can use it as a hand bag or over the shoulder, so I think that's a definite positive.
  15. Here's something to convince ya!