I want to open my MAYDAY BOX!!!

  1. Can we get a total of when everyone get their mayday exchange and if it's before the 1st, can we go ahead and open them once everyone says they got it?? I HATE SURPRISES and I want to open mine now! :yes:
  2. I know what you mean i got my box today and its just staring at me... I cant wait to open it... :yahoo:
  3. yeah. well, at least you haven't had your box for the last THREE WEEKS bc your secret sis (robotkitten!!!!!) sent it super early!!!!! :drool:
  4. haha... I want to open mine too... so wait how many people have gotten their packages so far?
  5. ha ha ha ha
    The funny thing is I got mine from vmasterz the same time you got your so I've been stuck staring at mine too! :weird: :weird: :weird: :weird: :weird: :weird:
  6. haha..sorry about that robotkitten..Im telling you..whats in it is worth waiting:confused1: :lol:! I hope you :love: it :graucho:
  7. i picked mine up at the p.o. yesterday, & my hubby was trying to get me to open it tonite, but i said no way, i'm waiting....

    i'm super excited tho...
  8. Hahha you girls are too good! If I could open a gift without the other knowing I opened it before I was supposed to... man oh man! Hahahaha

  9. ENABLER!! hehe.

    and don't think that thought hasn't crossed my mind either!!
  10. I though about being :sneaky: and opening it earlier, but then I would be sad on May 1st when I didn't have anything to open. Plus I'm pretty sure vmasterz would come after me :smash: :smash: :smash:
  11. i brought my package home last nite and DF was telling me to open it ... i said i cant until May 1st... he also wants to know whats inside.
  12. we need an updated list on who hasn't gotten theirs!
  13. I got mine today!
  14. haha guys we have for days left!! Ive had mine forever too (well not as much as vmasters, robotkitten have, but still!) SELF control!!

    hahaha yeah right I keep going after mine and shaking the box!!