I want to modify a bag

  1. I have a bucket duffle that I would like to wear cross body. Will Coach send me a longer strap ? I am guessing the answer to that question is no. any ideas would be appreciated. It is just a plain black strap but I want it to be the length of a coach hippie flap. Does anyone know what that length is. Any suggestions would be appreciated. My bag is black signature so any black leather will do thanks !
  2. Thank you so much ! It is attached with buckles on both sides and is able to be doubled, thanks !!!
  3. ^You're welcome!
  4. This is pretty cool.. thanks mokoni :yes:
  5. Great resource, thanks so much for that link! :smile:

  6. were you able to find something that would work for you? i would love to see some before and after pics when you get it all worked out :]]
  7. Thanks, I looked at the straps they have and mine is 40 inches as well. I think I need something at least 50 inches and has to attach to buckles on either end so I don't think it would look right with the dogleash clips. Maybe I can attach something with rings and then a dogleash clip on one end to make it bigger or something. Not a big deal, maybe I will just buy a hippie on ebay or at the outlets for my next purchase. I need something that is hands free for when my youngest starts walking. thanks
  8. oh man...well good luck!
  9. In Coach' FAQ's on the website they note that they will offer replacement straps... Perhaps if you call Coach they might have a swing pack strap for you..

    Can I buy a new shoulder strap for my bag?
    We offer replacement shoulder straps for our bags that are equipped with detachable straps. Please call 1-888-262-6224 for details.

    I'm bored at work so i'll keep looking for ya ;)
  10. thank you ! I will call !
  11. FABULOUS ebay link!! I cant have the purses bigger than the wristlet because I cant carry them... BUT if I can get a strap, I can put it over my neck and shoulder so I can get a slightly bigger purse! Thanks!