I want to lose weight & tone up..

  1. ..but IDK how to make healthier food that tastes nice lol I am rubbish at cooking and I get sick of having the same meals alot plus my mum works lots of late shifts (she is a nurse) so I get ready meals or takeaways alot recently after she got a new job. I already workout but I want to do more b/c I just feel so flabby:shame: , especially my belly. I'm a US8 and I want to get down to a 4-6 and overall lose about 15-20lbs but if I lost 5-7lbs I'd be happier b/c I've recently put on about 4 or 5lbs from eating bad in the last couple of weeks. I'm worried I'm gonna get bigger. Also I never know which exercises to do apart from simple stretches, situps and workout videos etc.:yucky:
  2. I hear you! I was 18 lbs overweight at the end of April and was nearing a size 8. And I'm terrible at dieting; I always yo-yo on my diet then end up gaining more weight. But I was totally determined this time so I did some research and set my goal on a weekly basis.

    One lb is = to 3000 calories, and my goal was to lose 1-2 lbs/week. For me this meant controlling my portions; for example, I'd get half a sandwich for lunch but only eat half of that. I used to eat over 1/2 cup of rice and two chicken thighs for dinner, I cut that to 2 oz of rice and one piece of chicken thigh or drumstick and substituted veggies. For snacks, I'd eat either fruits or munch on a Special K cereal bar. I also drink lots of water.

    For exercise, I also started doing weights. I used 5 lb weights first and 60 reps each of biceps, triceps, shoulders, and chest. Then I upped that to 8 lb weights, still doing 60 reps. For abs, I work the lower and upper, 300 lower, total of 1500 upper. I do this 3x/day so it's not overwhelming.

    So far I've lost 23 lbs and down to a size 0. Self control has been the key to me. Once I lost the first 5 lbs, I knew I was on my way and shouldn't stop. But it's been hard, especially at work coz I swear there's always some kind of potluck or bday party every week.

    Anyways, good luck and keep at it!
  3. ^ love2shop_26- are you doing 1500 x 3 crunchies a day??? I think I lost you. im doing 1hr on the elipitical machine, 45mins of weight and circuit training and 200 crunchies every day 7 days a week.
  4. Gawd no!!! I'd kill myself! :nuts:

    I meant I do sit ups 3x/day so it comes out to a total of 1500. But I'm going to start easing up a bit since I've met my goal.
  5. i started pole dancing several years ago and found it is great to tone up and lose weight. after i had my baby i neeed to shift about half a stone so started doing CORE SECRETS by Gunnar Peterson. its low impact and you can just to the DVD at home. it takes 25-30 min per session and i am now a UK 10 but more importantly better toned and feel better than before i was pregnant. definitely recommend it.
  6. As far as food goes, try to stay away from processed foods (Soda is a big one! sugar, sugar, and more sugar!). Instead eat lots of fresh fruits and vegies, whole grains, etc. (Stir-fried vegies sauteed in olive oil on rice can have hundreds of variations! and are quick and easy to make)

    I don't know where you live, but if you can, try walking or biking instead of driving places. The biggest thing in losing weight and KEEPING IT OFF is changing your lifestyle, not just dieting. Try signing up for a class at a gym (Pilates , Yoga, aerobics.) Classes are fun, and it is easier to stick with something if you have paid for a number of sessions. Plus, you will learn more ways to excercise so you don't get bored!

    Your weight will always fluctuate depending on what time of month it is, etc. Don't beat yourself up over one or two pounds.

    Most important, don't rush to lose weight. As you change your lifestyle, your body will naturally find a new equillibrium. As you become more fit, your metabolism will change, and you will find that your body will crave good foods instead of bad ones.

    You can always come to us for support! Good luck!