I want to look @ Chanel earrings, where could I go?

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  1. Could someone please direct me to where I can go to look @ Chanel earrings & pricing?

    The Chanel website doesnt really help!

    Thanks! :p
  2. well internet wise i'm not sure...but you could just go to the chanel store...

    I just bought the CC (clear crystal) earrings in large and I paid about $250+ taxes

    hope this helps
  3. I would go to the a Chanel store or boutique inside a department store. Make sure to ask if they have anymore earrings than what is displayed. They usually have one or two trays full of earrings behind the counter that are TDF and not posted on the Chanel website.

    I was in the Paris store this summer, they had 3 trays and the store on 57th in New York City had I think 2 trays in the fall. The stores in Chicago and Italy also had a good selection over the summer, but nothing compared to Paris and New York.
  4. You should definitely go to the stores/department stores. They have tons and tons of earrings. You might have to ask since they only have a couple displayed but it will be worth the effort!