I want to learn everything I can about Clemence leather. Does anyone have one?

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  1. Hi, I recently saw a Birkin in clemence, but I read that it may loose shape over time and become slouchy and fall over. I would not mind if it became soft, but I would want it to stand up and keep its "Birkin" shape while standing. Is this true? Is it better to wait for Togo leather? Does anyone have a clemence leather Birkin they have used for over a year and would like to comment on performance? Thank you and happy holidays!!
  2. I haven't had mine for a year, but I can attest to the wonderful leather. I love Clemence. When it's not in use, I put tissue or the air pillows inside to keep the shape.
  3. I have a clemence 35 cm Birkin that I have used intermittently for 6-7 years. It has a bit of a patina, has held its shape and there is no slouchiness. I am very careful with it though and don't overstuff it. As Japster does, I put things inside it to help it hold its shape when it is not in use (and I lay it on its side). Great leather--very soft and scratch-resistant.
  4. OK... I don't have a Birkin but I have an Evelyne in Clemence and I love it. My Evelyne doesn't have a very large bottom area but it stands up by itself just fine. I just think the leather is totally yummy. I marvel over it and admire it all it time!!! :love:
  5. Acquisition, Clemence pieces/Birkins can have different size grains. I have 3 Kellys and two have large grain clemence, the other, a size 28 has small even grains. The smaller grain Kelly is more structured and does not slouch as much as the other two bags.

    If you love Clemence, this might be something to think about? I don't know how easy it is to find a small grain in Clemence as my Kelly is a Master Craftsman's bag and I always wondered if that had anything to do with the size of the grain. Was the craftsman able to hand select the leather pieces, etc?? I don't know.

    But if you want a Birkin that will keep shape over time, I feel you might want to consider a stiffer leather. Certainly Vache Leige would fall into that category. Togo would, although it's not as stiff as VL. Epsom....there are stiffer leathers than Clemence although baby bull is a very tactile wonderful feeling skin.
  6. I love the feel of Clemence. Togo is not quite as soft but will hold its shape a little better.
  7. I LOVE the feel of clemence - it's so soft compared to Togo! Like isus said, if you don't want any slouch at all, I wouldn't even look at Togo either. It will be leathers like VL and Epsom that will stay rigid over time. (But persoanlly I like Birkins to be a bit slouchy since they just look casual chic that way!)
  8. Are you looking to buy a bag for yourself, or re-sell?

    These wonderful ladies know so much about these bags.
  9. i have two clemence bags and they've held up quite well over time. plus they're over a year old. as for shape, as others have mentioned, i stuff mine w/ air bags to held retain their shape when not in use and it seems to work quite well.

    but both togo & clemence are known as slouchy leather. it's just a matter of personal prefence. i'm partial to the latter due to the softer grain and texture.
  10. thank you ladies for all the helpful information. I was concerned that I should stay away from clemece because I read somewhere that someone saw a birkin that could not even stand up straight and someone else said it was probably clemence leather...
  11. My Evelyne is Clemence too. I love the look/feel of it. It is soft but not so slouchy that is falls over on itself.
  12. I have an opportunity to buy the new color bougenville in a 35 cm birken from a friend but it is clemence leather. I am so excited about this bag but to be honest, prefer 40 cm.
    However because the color is so "loud" im thinking the 35 will be fine and awesome!! Especially for evening. Does anyone think it will slouch more than the togo or about the same? I take reallly really good care of my bags and probably wouldnt even use this bag that much--but wouldnt want it to slouch that much more than the togo leather would.
    Any comments??
    thanks girls!!
  13. I think Clemence will slouch more than togo over time, but all skins are different. I have a farily new togo Birkin and that arrived with abit of slouch before Ive even used it
  14. This thread is from 2006 and the OP is banned.
  15. but we are always said to search if there's similar threads and not start one over again ;)

    Hey, question. What if I like the clemence a lot but don't like that it won't stand by itself after awhile. Is there something similar (at the price range) that is as soft but stands by itself? Or is the next choice just togo?
Thread Status:
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