I want to know about my new vintage Chanel!

  1. :flowers: Hello, my name is Tara and I am new to this forum. I picked up an authentic Chanel Purse at a garage sale yesterday and I wanted to know a bit more about it. The purse is made of black lambskin and measures 10" tall by 12 3/4" wide, with a depth of about 41/4. Shoulder straps measure 21" and are non adjustable. There are double gold chain shoulder straps, interior is one main compartment with one side zippered pocket. All gold hardware is marked Chanel Paris. There are double CC on the front and back of bag and on the bottom is another double CC and quilting. All of the CC's are quite large and centered on the bag. I've been searching the internet for an entire history in pictures of Chanel Bags and I have found none. I would like to know when this purse was made, how much it was originally worth, what it is worth now and whether or not this piece is soooo cool that I should not let it slip through my fingers! Please someone write me back so I know a little more about this bag!!! I could really use a purse pro on this matter because I am not. Thanks ladies...Tara TaraUrie24@Hotmail.com:love:
  2. I edited out you e-mail addy so you don't get spammed ;)

    We need photos! We love to help but really need at least one great photo!
  3. I don't know how to post a picture. When I go to add an image it tells me to put the URL address. How I found a pic of the same purse is I went to Google and searche for "Chanel Lambskin Black Purse" and the first link on the page was from someone's past ebay sale. I clicked on that and low and behold there was the same purse. That is the only way I know. It was item #6868653759 on Ebay at one point. Thanks, Tara
  4. Hey,

    you should post exact pics of your bag.
  5. yeah, we need to see your exact bag.
    when you click on "Post Reply" scroll down a ways to the bottom and choose "Manage Attachments" and from there you can load your pics.
  6. Here is the pic! Thank you so very much to those who have taken the time to reply. I am really impressed with this website! Thanks, Tara
    Chanel Purse.jpg
  7. Hi Rainbowbriterstar - There should be a marking in the interior which will tell you where the bag was made
  8. yes, can you show a photo of the tags inside?
  9. That is a really nice bag! Congratulations.