I want to jump on the Single wagon! Help me choose...

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  1. Yes, I really want a single...

    I had a nude single for a second, but it really clashed with my skintone. Since I gave away my red Ines, I have a red void to fill.

    Which single would you choose for me?


    Red, quilted?



    Snake-embossed coral?

    Please help me with this one - I like both for different reasons!
  2. I love the Coral one!
  3. Ii know you've got a taste for the exotic, so I'd go with coral for you, TT!
  4. Hehe, you ladies know me well! The only thing I am not crazy about with the snake-embossed is the randomness of the lock. If it were a pushlock, I wouldn't hesitate.
  5. I see what you mean, but at least it's not too big, KWIM? I think it's small enough that it wouldn't pose any functionality problems, and subtle enough not to draw too much attention. The leather and the color alone do enough of that! ;)
  6. You're right, BOM. I do have the sd python Rio that has the random lock - I guess with everything else going on with the bag, the lock seems insignificant.

    I wonder if anyone on TPF has either of these yet? I sure would like to see modeling pics!
  7. I think the embossed ones are new, haven't heard anyone who has them yet.
  8. coral! i saw this color at NM recently, wow it is beautiful!!
  9. Grace7, how similar is the coral to red? Is it more muted?
  10. im against the grain and say red...it's classy....and i really love it. i agree about the lock thing
  11. My vote is for the red--i think it just looks better than the other one. I'm not crazy about the lock and think it takes away from making the bag. It's not a cute "chloe" lock but just a small lock that's just there....
  12. Im going for the red, the snake embossed does nothing for me, why mess with a good thing?
  13. I think I will need to take a trip to the store to look at these. Does anyone know if the red single is available at Nordys or any of the larger stores?
  14. i think the red is more classic because of the pushlock, but i know you like the exotics so coral is a vote for me as well.... you always know how to wear them!
  15. TT, check bloomies.. they have both bags over there last time.. :yes:
    and of course i'm voting for the RED.. it's TDF!!