I want to join a gym...

  1. I am SO hesitant to go join one though. I have never gone to the gym before. I would prefer all women, so either an all women gym like Curves (how is Curves?) or a gym with an all women section.

    I really don't want to go to a gym where I'm likely to know people... just because, I don't like that. I want to be able to go in, do my thing, and leave. And I don't mean people who I know as in friends, just people who you know, used to go to school with, etc. I know big gyms like Gold's, etc (though their name around here changed) has a LOT of people going to them, I may steer clear of those. I just feel so shy about working out because I really don't know what I'm doing, so I kind of want to go someplace and be anonymous haha.

    I was thinking of Bally's at the mall, it's close enough for me to actually go to I guess, but it's far enough where I'm more likely to have my privacy. Anyone know if there's an all women section there?

    And how do you manage the gym and work? You just go right after?

    At the gym, do people actually go to work out or just chit-chat? I know places like the YMCA are like that (around here at least I heard of it) Although if it were an all women section I honestly probably wouldn't care at all. Nothing against guys just that I think for starters as I'm so timid about joining that all women may help me to just focus and be comfortable.

    I am absolutely 100% new to this so anything else I may need to know, please, fill me in!
  2. Hi Adore! So glad that you are taking personal responsibility for your health!

    I work at a Gold's Gym and my gym does have an all-women's area. However, that is not the case with all Gold's, as Gold's is a franchise, so you would need to check with the one in your area. I don't think you should be nervous at all, and shouldn't worry about going to an all-women's gym. You should contact the gyms you are interested in and ask for a tour. Most reputable gyms will give you a free week to try it out--my gym does this. Also, you should ask for orientation around the gym and as part of the new member orientation we do at Gold's, we set up new members with a basic program designed for their needs. The basic program/orientation will be enough to get you started, and after you are comfortable with that, you may want to meet with a trainer to further discuss your goals or even try out some of the classes--that way you can know exactly how long your workout will take and what you are doing on specific days.

    As far as chit-chat, when I am not training someone and am working out for me, I wear an Ipod. Nobody will talk to you if you have earphones in.

    Good Luck and let us know what you decide!
  3. How old are you?

    I ask becasue all the Curves near me seem to attract an older {than me} clientele.
    Also, they will get chatty w/ you, it's a tight knit group.

    I've been a member of lots of gyms; 24 Hour Fitness, World's and now a local one called Larry North.
    People aren't really chatty in any gym in my experience, unless it's clearly mutual. but if you bring headphones, no one will bother you.
    If I were you, I'd check a few out at the time of day you're most likely to exercise, it'll make sense for you I'm sure:yes:

  4. Most everybody goes and does their own thing and goes home. I've not met any chit chatty crowds in mine.

    The slight exception is during senior hours( my gym has those) where there are a lot of elderly people around who are slightly more friendly and ask questions. I don't mind though :smile:.
  5. I feel like I don't fit in at my gym, but it's the closest one. Pick a gym that is close so you have no excuse to not go, but make sure you like it. I think no matter what gym you go to, there will be some classes that have all females. My gym, the kickboxing class is almost always all girls, and the yoga class comes next.

    My gym has all these successful professionals in their 20's and 30's with great bodies with personal trainers and all wear the cutest gym outfits...I actually feel underdressed in my t shirt and shorts sometimes...and no other girls seem to wear shorts in my gym! just yoga pants and tights...

    Where are you located?
  6. Do you have a YMCA in your neighborhood?
    I love my Y gym, it has great classes and it's not a at all intimidating.
  7. I am also not very sociable when I go to the gym. I go there, do my thing and get out. I am sure that people will leave you alone if you keep to yourself and do your own thing. I think what is important is finding a gym with enough instructors that can monitor your program and progress closely. I used to go to a small gym and the instructors there were wonderful. Since it was very small and I go there early in the morning, it was as if I had my own personal trainer because she almost always would work with me one on one. She monitors my weight/measurement every few months and changes my program every month. Secondly, choose a gym that is close to you. If its more than 30 minutes away from your home, then it will become tedious for you to go there more often. Lastly, have you considered other alternatives? Like Yoga, pilates or boxing studios? I used to be a gym rat. Did my weights and cardio, but switched to bikram yoga last year. Not only is the workout more intense, it also relaxed my mind. I hope this helps.
  8. I agree with anufangava ^^^.
    I can't imagine life without a gym membership. lol.
    I go in 4-5 times a week for cardio and weights. I do my thing and I'm out of there! I am not a social butterfly at the gym. I mean business.;)
    On the days I do not go to the gym I practice my pilates and yoga.
    I tried the curves thing with a co-worker on a 2 week trial membership about a year or so ago and found that it was not for me.
    I enjoy the freedom and versitility of a gym-it's equipment, classes etc.
    I would definately recommend a gym membership.
    I've got a membership at Bally's and 24 hour... my gym bag is always ready in the back of my car trunk so I can easily stop at the gym whenever I feel like it!
    I usually go after work for about an hour and a half and I'm home by 6pm to made dinner for the family.:yes:
    Sometimes I'll go during my lunch break here at work!!!
    Good luck and once you get into the routine you will be hooked.
  9. You guys!!! :sad: note the unhappy face. I signed up at Bally's. I don't know the first thing about gym prices but have heard of things like $100 down, etc. The guy gave me like 3 options, knowing I'm a student, and stupid me didn't even bother to ask about if there was student memberships (he didn't say a word about it). I ended up putting $100 down and it was still going to be $50 a MONTH for 12 months after that. I can't even begin to tell you what I was thinking to agree to that. The other option the guy gave me was for 3 years and then one for per month had to be $200 down and then like $45 per month.

    Well long story short my boyfriend used to go there and recalls paying like $35 per month with no commitment. And I don't know what I did but they still got money out of me when I went back to fix it. They wouldn't refund my $100 and put it towards this membership for students. And then had me pay $57 on top of it that will last me until August. Then after that it's $39 per month. I don't know what I did.

    GYM wise though other than that, I am excited to go. I took note of the crowd and it looks like people coming in from work (I went in as someone suggested, at the time i'd be going) and by themselves, etc. The mens/women's section didn't bother me, but the women's only was nice because it had like 1 person in there.

    They also have this underground track to run through because it's at a mall location so it goes under the mall, it's almost a mile long. Then the pool, etc.

    So I don't know. I mean I know I didn't do my homework on the subject of gyms enough. There's a lot of little places and then big places... my problem is time though, it's something that I know I would just continue to put off and it's hard when it's a new subject to me entirely.

    But yeah the good part is I'm excited to go work out and have that fun new activity in my life! I will be starting next week, probably monday.
  10. I am not sure where you're from but here in NYC I joined NYSC. they have several in boston I think and other places. Although during classes sometimes people will just strike up a friendly conversation about the constructor or omething... Otherwise people do not bother you at all.. they know what goes on in a gym and people are serious.
    but I loveee this gym. Clean locker rooms/shower stalls, towel service (a must for me!), great variety of classes (cardio kickboxing, spinning, weights, abs) and cardio machines with an individual tv! so perhaps if ther eis a Sports Club near you.. you might be interested in joining that gym.

    I usually go to the gym after classes and I try to go when there is a specific class I like. It's great because I really suck at working out by myself especially with weights so these classes keep me going and make me try harder.

  11. Oh no! I wish I read this thread sooner. I would have told you to stay away from Bally's! I used to work for them as a collections agent, where I called people and pretty much harassed them to pay up on their dues. The salespeople there prey on students, minorities, and lower income people knowing that many of them won't take the time to read the membership agreement. If you ever default on a payment, it is seriously like if you defaulted on a car payment - it will ruin your credit for ten years! A lot of people would join, then stop going after the first couple months, and think if they stop paying that's it. But wrong, when they go to buy a house or a car, they'll get denied because of a stupid membership agreement at Bally's. Lame! I quit that job pretty quickly (after all the reps applauded after I made a customer cry) and vowed to tell everyone I knew how awful their practices were. I would have told you to switch to a gym that a month to month membership that allows you to get out IN WRITING. You pretty much have to become disabled or move to a foreign country where there isn't a Bally's within fifty miles to get out of their contract.

    If you JUST signed up, you are lucky - in teeny tiny letters in your agreement, you have three business days to terminate the agreement and get your money back. Only three days though! After that point you are locked in for the entire terms of the contract. If that's the case, then hopefully you stick with it. Try out some of the group classes - that's usually the easiest transition if you've never been there before. Good luck!!
  12. I ended up getting a month-to month today when I went back (tomorrow would be the 3rd business day actually) and it was for the student membership. But what is funny is that when my boyfriend called they told him there was a $35 sign up and then $35 per month and it could end at any time. And then I called right after and they told me the same thing.
    When I went today they remembered me and they just set me up with the student membership which is something completely different from the $35 per month thing. I wasn't even thinking... they, over the phone were even like "you had put $100 down so that would pay for your first 3 months then you'd just put down $35.

    I just feel so stupid because I didn't know. It makes so much sense now AFTER the fact. I mean I wouldn't mind going but now they got $57 more out of me and so if I changed what I signed up for it would just strap me in there with them longer I'm guessing. Then again who knows I may end up just staying there longer anyway but I won't know how I feel about it until later...

    I'm SO upset over this though, like honestly I've cried over it when the realization hit that I signed up for what I signed up for. It's my own fault, I mean I was the one who did but at the same time I could have paid sooo much less.
    So the student membership for 4 months is $157 or $156. Is that reasonable for 4 months do you think? But then it's $39 per month after that... I wonder if I could cancel at the 4 months and just go somewhere different or change my membership if I want?