I want to introduce myself~ please be gentle..

  1. I have been recently REALLY thinking about getting a little Hermes. This is a huge step for me and it will probably only encompass one Hermes bag and an agenda. I have been an avid LV collector and have a few MJ bags as well. BUT~ I really am smitten' with the BJ Kelly/Birkin.

    I am going to call the Chicago store this morning to see if they have any BJ availble for sale. I am going there next Thursday. I am nervous. I have never even been in Hermes before. I don't quite know the protocol and I am trying to learn.

    Does anyone have any advice? I feel like I am out of my realm..

    I have been researching prices and what I found out was that the 35 togo birkin retails at 7400 and the 30 at 6800. Does anyone know what the 25 retails for?

    By the way, You all have gorgeous bags and I wanted to say a personal thank you to baggaholic as she was the one who introduced me to tPF August 2006.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated:girlsigh:
  2. yay ghosty!!!!!!!! i am so glad you're here! for anyone who doesn't know her ghost is one of the sweetest, coolest people on tpf! :love: knowing the bags you like i have a feeling you're going to like the 30. i think the 25 is teeny. but absolutely go in and try on anything they have to get an idea. hopefully someone here can reccommend a fab SA for you who can help you out.

    agendas are an awesome way to start. i just got one about a month or so ago and i love it! (i showed it to my boss this morning actually who was trying to get out of me exactly how much it was. i'll never tell). i sort of taught myself the leather and colors by going in to hermes a few times and checking the agendas and testing myself. it was a fun way to learn.

    i was intimidated my first time too but luckily i had called ahead and knew was going in to pick something up and having already "broken the ice" as it were with an SA (who is still my SA) made it much easier. seriously you'll be in such awe over the goods you won't have time to feel anything but lust. lol.

    yay again for ghost! and seriously, tell your DH it wasn't me!
  3. Hi Ghost!!! Welcome to the orange side of tPF! Great to see you here! :yahoo: Have fun at the Chicago store. Don't be nervous, just enjoy! I hope they have something in BJ for you!!!
  4. welcome and congrats on baby ghost. it may take a little time to procure a bag in blue jean but the agenda is something they could search for if they dont have it.
  5. also--i just bought a blue jean 30 cm and rejected the 35 as in the size I found the bag a little.......too much. IMO -- the pop colors (bright red, blue jean, orange, etc) are best in smaller sizes (32, 30, 28 ...)that way they are an accent and arent wearing you!
  6. Welcome to the H forum Ghost. It's so much fun to have new members join. Glad you're here.
    I agree with Hlfinn that starting with an agenda is a good idea. If you got a Ulysses in BJ, you could see how you liked the color and togo leather, and it is a reasonably H-priced product.
    Remember that Hermes stores are just that, stores where there is an SA paid to help you. Don't be intimidated - walk in with your head held high and with all the knowledge you've learned tPF, you'll be set.
    And of course show us and tell us of your experience. :tup:
  7. Welcome Ghost!!!! So glad you joined us here! Don't be nervous, just go in and have fun!
  8. Welcome, ghost! I just got a 25cm togo Birkin this past July and it cost $5,650. HTH!
  9. :


    OMG!! Just got off the phone w/ SA at Chicago...I am getting a BJ Kelly 28!!!!! I have to fax him my info right now....HOLY Sh*T!!! Be back soon......omg...:wtf:
  10. OMG! WOW! Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see pics!!!

  11. You seem like SUCH a cute person. Hi!!!! :smile:
    BJ is a beautiful color. I adore it and I am not much for blue except in ...well...blue jeans...haha!
    I have been lusting after Victoria Beckhams hot pink ostrich birkin since I saw her with it however long ago...
    Not that I will ever get one like that, but it is still fun to drool :drool:
  12. Hello, *waves* from the UK. Welcome to the orange side, and good luck with your search for blue jean. Once bitten by the H bug, there'll be no going back. Don't forget to enjoy yourself in the store, no need whatsoever to feel any intimidation or fear, just have a good look around, ask questions and have fun.
  13. ALSO! congrats, I heart Kelly bags!!!!
  14. OMG!!! I was just typing my WELCOME speach and I read that you are getting a Kelly already!!! That was FAST!!!:nuts: That's what I call "jumping in with both feet"!:upsidedown: Keep us posted!!!

    P.S. HUGE CONGRATS on baby Ghost!:tender: