I want to have comments about Balenciaga wallets

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  1. Actually i am now using LV Epi compact wallet but i am thinking to buy new one..bigger one now weighing between Epi Leather Pochette wallet and Balenciaga the Money in black colour. My major criteria is ..the leather :sweatdrop:
    Any thoughts? please help...Thanks gals
  2. I have a LV Epi wallet and a Bal money; I love them both. The epi started to peel/chip, and the Bal leather shows wear easily also, though in a different sort of way (more scratched). I find the money wallet to be very beautiful and functional, though, so other than worrying about wear and tear, it comes highly recommended.
  3. :tdown:Tks frd. I love Bal leather but not sure how long lasting it is when compared with LV (famous for long time use, one of my frd used it for 12 yrs)
  4. Yes, if you go with mono canvas or damier, you can carry it forever. I sure think Bal leather is a lot prettier, though!
  5. MandB, I see you have an EB Money with SGH..I have one coming my way, could you just tell me how you find the GH on the Money, do you worry about it scratching your bag? Is it in the way when using it? TIA:smile:

    mnt, good luck with finding the right wallet!
  6. I have a Money in Violet and I love it. Great size, very user-friendly, lots of compartments.

    I don't own LV, but as someone said, it may last forever. Bal probably won't - but it will last a good long while... and by the time it dies, you'll probably be ready for a new wallet anyway ;)
  7. I have a black money and it's beautiful. I do have an old lv wallet that's peeling and chipped. We'll see how the balenciaga looks like in 10 years.

    It's apple and oranges though.
  8. I don't have any problem with the GH at all! It's holding up quite nicely. The wear and tear that I see is on the corners/edges of the wallet itself. Enjoy your new purchase!
  9. Well guys, I get some ideas..as many said the Bal leather is so beautiful..
    "OK I BUY BAL WALLETS !!!!" ..:yahoo:
  10. Balenciaga wallets (IMO) are a much more delicate than LV be it epi or canvas.
  11. I love the Money! The leather is very soft compared to an Epi. Its been 6 months now and its still in excellent condition. Its a gsh violet and I have not had any problems so far. A Bal wallet may not be heavy duty like a LV wallet.
  12. Good choice!!! Post pics soon!!
  13. Thank you, I'm sure I'll love her, so beautiful!

    And we want to see it when it arrives!!!:yes:
  14. sure dear..asap but shd be ard mid-Apr as my frd go to vacation for 2 wks..Oh..gosh..i hv to wait for 2 wks !!
  15. btw, i gonna order "Black" Money as it look classics:rolleyes:
    ..and now thking between Black and Turquoise for RH City....this is my first B-bag..so hv to thk hard..but for sure it is not gonna the only first B-bag hahahahaha :love:
    I understand if you feel boring to vote "choosing the color" but if you are happy to do, it help me a lot...between "black" and "turquoise" :dothewave: