I want to have a fendi spy bag

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  1. hello
    I love the spy bags so much . 2000 dollars are to much vor my budget, I'm young, I don't have so much money for one bag.

    So I want a very good fake. can you help me? where I can find cheap spy bags. I would like to have one in brown.

    I hope you can help me or give me some good advises.

    here is a photo from a spy bag. do you like them? looks it good? or can everybody see that that is a fake? and when yes, why?

    thank you !!
  2. M - yes it looks & is fake...:tdown:

    Hey, why don't you just take the money you plan to spend on that piece of junk and put it in a piggy bank & save up for a used Authentic one on eBay? :confused1:

    Bet you can find one in the $500 - $800 area and it would produce a lot happier outcome....;)
  3. I agree, eBay and other reputable websites have Spy bags that are much cheaper than retail. They're sold by people who just want to get rid of them and recoup their losses. Some of them are very new or are gently used but in great condition.
  4. And make sure to have one of TPF experts authenicate it for you!
  5. Please dont buy a fake!:tdown:
  6. It's a waste of money to buy a fake, it falls apart in a couple of months or even weeks. Invest your money wisely and get the real thing, it will pay you back enormously.
  7. Please don't buy a fake. Fakes are often made by underage children in sweat shops, and the counterfeit trades also support world terrorism.

    I see from your profile that you're 17, so if I were you, I'd either save up for a pre-loved Spy on eBay, or wait until you can afford a new one.
  8. Yeah dont buy fakes its not worth it. Besides you will probaly have people who point their finger and laught at you......... and that bag looks horrible in that picture
  9. yeah, that bag isn't even a convincing fake. i could spot it from a mile away.
  10. Ebay actually has a nice AUTHENTIC black leather Fendi Spy for $1200 right now and it is hardly used!

    I absolutely agree with everyone! Fakes are bad not only because ppl. laugh at them but just because it disrespecful to the brand to buy a fake!

    I say the same thing just save up and by then end of the year you will have the money to walk into Fendi and buy the real thing! Plus you will get years and years of use out of an authentic bag!

    Or at the very very least buy a "designer inspired" handbag...this way it is not trying to be a spy but has similar qualities (shape & compartments). I actually have a gf who would not spend that much on a bag as well and she got one at Aldo...it had all the compartments but it looked slightly different.
  11. http://www.fractionprice.com/moreinfo.cfm?Product_ID=11170
    This site sells imitations and are legal because they do not have the logos on them. They are cheap, but also look cheap, and others may think you are wearing a fake. If you are desperate for the style this could be an option but there really is no joy in buying replicas or imitations. This is not made with leather, it is made with PVC/PU synthetic so I do not know what the quality will be like. My advice is to either save up and buy a used one on ebay that is authentic, or get some other brand that is high quality but more affordable. So if you're just buying for the style and don't care about quality then this would be the best place to get it since its not a fake and is legal, but it definately looks fake.
  12. I think you might be in the wrong place. We are vehemently against counterfeit goods at this Forum.
    We WILL NOT recommend "good fakes" since there's no such thing.

    Also, it's not our policy to educate people on how to fool others w/ their illegal counterfeit goods:nogood: Please don't inquire about this on our Forum again.
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