I want to go down the Balenciga slippery slope...but need some advice:)

  1. Hi ladies!

    Most of my bags are from LV, YSL or Chanel but I have been lurking on the Balenciaga forum for a bit because I absolutely love the new large hardware bags!

    Alas, though I realized that my HG Bbag is only a spring 2007 option (vert gazon GH city and or weekender - if that version was even produced).

    Besides hoping for my bag to show up on eBay, do any of you have suggestions for locating this bag?

    Thank you so much!
  2. Oopss...I realized that spelled Balenciaga wrong in the title...my apologies.

    I was just so excited that I was typing too fast!:p
  3. I just want to let you know I loved your titled :lol:
  4. have you tired calling neiman? they usually have past season bags lying around! also, try Barneys, a lucky tpfer found a vert gazon ggh part time there recently! it's new enough that if you're reallly lucky, you might be able to find it in stores still!
    good luck and hope to see pictures soon!
  5. There's a list of reputable stores in the reference library. I'd print that out and just start calling. Probably easiest to start with NM, Saks, and Barneys, where they can check nationwide stock for you, and then move on to the smaller stores. That worked for me when I was in a desperate hunt for anthracite this summer. Don't give up hope, but it may take 10-15 calls to track it down. Good luck!!
  6. ^^Thank you so much for your help! Keep your fingers crossed!
  7. Last week I found a 06 Blue India Day at Neiman's, you never know what you'll find! The SA said they brought in a bunch of bags from another store. :shrugs: