I want to get to know my new pals better

  1. I know there is a general get to know you thread but I hang out in here so much that I want to focus on my Chanel pals..Hope that is OK!!
    I'll start...
    Many of you know that I am 42 and have two lovely daughters. I've been married for 16 years to a wonderful man who I met when I was in 7th grade!! At that time I was the nerdy smart girl that was going through my awkward period (which lasted several years) and he was an adorable jock and the captain of the football team. I honestly remember catching my breath and thinking this is the man I am going to marry! He, on the other hand, didn't realize that I was the one until much later. We became friends but didn't start dating until I was 20. (BTW, we were in the same grade but he is 6 months younger than me and he loooooves to make a point of that during the 6 months where I am 1 year older than him).
    I focused alot on my career in my twenties (I am a doc) and then woke up one day in my mid thirties with a strong urge to have a baby--seriously it happened literally over night! I did finally, after a year and ALOT of trying, get pregnant and had my oldest girl. Not long after that I read a really disturbing article about the ploit of unwanted girls in China. I personally think that girls ROCK and knew the minute I read it that I needed to adopt one of those babies. We did finally get our little one and it was one of the most incredible experiences ever. I feel happy beyond belief to have my little girls.
    I always had a love for fashion but didn't get into handbags until about 8 years ago when I saw someone with a LV and loved it. I got my first LV and the rest is history!! My favorites right now are Chanel and balenciaga. I also have a recent infactuation with Chloe.
    I live in upstate NY (not exactly the fashion mecca) and none of my friends or colleagues get my obsession with bags. It has been great to find this forum so that I can just obsess with kindred spirits!!
    That's me, macp6 (aka Stacy)
  2. Stacy - are you a doc too??? Me too - I'm in psychiatry :smile:

    I just turned 29 (yikes!) and married for a little over a year (but with my DH for 6 years), no kids... similar to Stacy, where med school/residency has taken up most of my life to this point! Hoping to have in the next couple of years.

    Most of my friends laugh at my bag obsession... it's well-known! i am so glad to have come across this forum when searching for a bbag this summer - full of kindred spirits!

    Outside of bags, I do love to shopping and fashion in general!! My favorite things to do are cooking, reading, hiking and travelling.
  3. Tweetie--I don't run into too many docs that love bags!! Nice to meet you!! I already know your DH is a doll because he thought I looked good rocking the coco!!;)
  4. My husband is a doc, a psychiatrist. Does that count? I am an ex speech pathologist/audiologist. I am 50 years old. I'm from New York. We got married at 38. I have two girls from China, one 10 and one 5. Did the career thing and wasn't ready for marriage or children till later. I now live in Pittsburgh, the fashion black hole of the country. I can't even tell anybody about my OCD with handbags. I showed up with red lipstick at the bus stop and the other moms just stared at me. I keep forgetting where I live, it's hard to let old passions die. I love fashion, and contemporary furniture and decorating and art. Another anomoly in Pittsburgh. Glad to see there are others like me and I don't need to be medicated.
  5. I'm 31--and live at the beach in South Carolina, we moved here 6.5 years ago, I am originally from Northern VA. I've been married for 6 years, and have a lovely daughter who turned one last Friday. I love being a mom, I take my daughter to work with me everyday, however she will start preschool next fall. I would like to have 2 children, possibly 3. I own a small ad agency and have been in business for 4 years. Before moving to this small town, I workeed for larger advertising firms in DC and Atlanta (where I met my DH--he works in the tile industry). I've always had a love of bags--especially Chanel, but just recently broke down and purchased one. And now I've bought 3 in the past week. Yikes.

    When I was 19, and in college--my girlfriends talked me into getting the Chanel logo tatooed on my right ankle, so I'm branded for life.

    I found TPF through ebay. I was looking at a red chanel bag, and the seller had "proud member of the purse forum" on her listing. I was doing extensive research to make sure the bag was authentic, so I checked the forum--read her posts etc. And from there I was addicted.

    All of my friends laugh at my obession, even DH... so it's nice to have a place to unite with people who "understand".

    Nice to meet everyone!
  6. Wonderul thread! And your story is so touching Stacy. :smile: :heart:

    I am an Office Manager for a criminal defense law firm in San Francisco. I am happily married and have 2 beautiful sons. They are my pride and joy!

    I was a tomboy growing up, but started to obsess about designer handbags once I could afford to pay for them myself (been about 5 years now). I don't stick to just one designer, I'm all over the place but lately I have been drooling over the Fall Chanel bags :shame:

    I never knew about the PF, until a dear friend (LV_addict) told me about how great it is. I totally agree with her!!! This place is awesome.

    Nice to meet everyone and Happy Shopping!!! :supacool:
  7. I'm 39 years old. I work as a financial analyst at an accounting firm in San Diego that specializes in litigation consulting. I work in the family law department. I value businesses for divorce purposes, and also perform income analysis for purposes of setting support, among other family law assignments.

    I am married to a very handsome and highly decorated naval officer:P. We have two beautiful daughters, 10 yo and 4 yo.

    I've always been a shopaholic (blame my mother) but my designer obsession didn't start until about 5-6 years ago when I could actually afford such things.
  8. Hello, all!

    I will be 39 in November...I am a psychology professor at a university in Southern California. I received tenure last year...yeah! I have been married almost 13 years...together with my DH for 18... We knew of each other in HS, but I never really thought of him that way (I did date a couple of his friends)...we "hooked up" one New Year's Eve when we were back in the "area" on break from the university...neither of us had plans for a significant relationship with anyone from our hometown, but we were "meant to be"... He has a consulting company and is quite tolerant of my bag obsession...

    My other love is travels... I have been to 48 states and 13 countries and counting... Next "adventures" will be Madrid over Thanksgiving and Thailand (repeat visit) in January...then Brussels for work in Summer 07... LOL...no specific plans for children, but I have been to China twice...
  9. GREAT idea Stacy!!!

    Hey, my DH isn't an MD but is a Regional Director of a Pharmaceutical Co. . . does that count? LOL!

    I'm Amanda and am now 31 years old.
    I too knew I'd marry my guy, but he didn't realize it! LOL!

    He didn't want children, he wanted to eventually be a DINK, that wouldn't work for me as I always knew I needed babies!

    So I obviously persuaded him and the rest is history!

    I've lawys loved bags, but didn't care about which brand until I bought my first Gucci at the very beginning of this year. I carried a big Burberry tote for a few years before that and always liked perusing the bag dept but was hooked to designer after I bought that Gucci!
    I was scared of damaging the GG material so I sold it and bought an LVV BH. . . then I decided I needed black bag and didn't like any LV's so I wandered into the Chanel boutique and was SMITTEN!

    I have 3 children, a 5.5 yr old daughter and 2 yr old twin boys.
    I love to sew for my DD, shop and garden. We love to travel and do it quite a bit.
    We just recently got home from a week in the Caribbean and are getting ready for a little CA/Mexico cruise in a couple of weeks!
  10. Hey guys! :smile:
    I haven't written as many posts as some of you, so don't think I'm intruding, but I have the biggest bag obsession; it's so nice that there are other people around who experience shortness of breath when they see a gorgeous bag (and then the bill!!!). This Purse Forum is an absolute haven for baglovers, I'm so glad I found it! :heart: :flowers:

    OK, so about me; I live in a small town called Plymouth in England and I'm only 16, so some of these bags are a little out of my reach but I'm happy to sit each evening and look at them, trying to convince my parents to buy me some! :idea:
    I've just taken my GCSEs and I got 10 A*s (the highest grade in case anybody dosen't know English exams, and GCSEs are like SATs), so I'm hoping there will be a little reward for me as a result! :idea:

    My father is an attorney and my mother is a medical secretary, but i don't have any brothers or sisters so this is forum is like a little family to me now, but without the fights and arguments! It's so nice to be able to talk to people who have the same interests as me - none of my friends care about fashion, make-up or handbags so this is brilliant! :flowers:

    I love to travel too; I go to London freqently, I've been to mainland Europe several times, and last year I went to New York - I am completely infatuated and would love to live there when I am older. I wish I had a friend or family there so I could have an excuse to go!!! :yes:

    OK, that's enough about me, you must be getting bored by now!! :yes:
  11. Hi gals!! so nice to know a little more about my gals. So nice chatting it up with you!!:heart:
  12. I'm 22 - still a student at university. Studing Geography and Spatial Information Systems ( I don't fit in very well with my classmates because according to my friend I was "the only girl in the history of geography that wears make up on a field trip" LOL).... I love purses its my life... I have a very loving and sweet BF, 3 dogs, and I have worked many jobs throughout the years. I'm not as lucky as some girls whose parents buy them everything (from cars to purses to clothes) because my mother is very strict and has not given me any sort of allowance or money since I was 15 probably.

    Im almost done school and I am very nervous about what I will do after my BA. Going for a masters is ideal but can't afford more loans!

    Oh and my purse addiction began at the ripe age of 19...started with LV/Dior and now loving only Chanel and Hermes. But since Chanel is by far more affordable - its my favourite still!
  13. This is a great thread! Great story Stacy and SoCal Congrats on tenure!! I'm 30 and a lawyer, I work for a major US Bank here in Charlotte. I recently left my in-house position for the somewhat calmer waters of risk management. Married now for 7 years, I have a three-year old son, light of my life!
  14. Great thread Stacy! Hi everyone! My name is Pam and I am 39 years old and a veterinarian. I live in Baltimore but am originally from Tennessee. Becoming a vet was a career change for me. I have a degree in marketing and worked in my family business for a number of years before deciding it wasn't for me. I have been out of vet school for a little over 5 years. I moved to baltimore for my first job and met my dh-he was a client with a sick cat!!. We have been married for 3 years. We have no children....yet????

    I have always loved purses. None of my family and friends get my obsession so I was thrilled when I stumbled across this forum back in Feb. ....so, that's a little about me!!
  15. So we can be on a first name basis, my name is Monica.:flowers: I forgot to add that above.