I want to find out if I got the job. Tips?

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  1. I interviewed for a job two fridays ago and afterwards they told me they would know in 1-2 weeks. So this Friday will be exactly two weeks and I have not heard from them yet. But I do know that they've contacted my references and one of them was only interviewed this Monday. A coworker told me that once they call references, I'm most likely going to get the job. However, I want to know for sure because I've got a few offers waiting for my answer (they're less than ideal, but if i can't get this, i don't want to have cut off my Plan B).

    So the question is....how do I go about asking them? I've heard some people say it's a faux pas to ask if you've got the job directly. What would you say on the phone when inquiring, then? TIA!
  2. I'm in corporate HR/Recruitment and agree with your friend that once they are calling your references, you will likely get the job offer.

    I would call the person you're working with (recruiter, HR) and say something like this (which I personally do not think is a faux pas):

    "Hello, I just wanted to follow up about my status in the interview process for the job. Is there anything else that you or the hiring manager needs from me that I can provide to help with the decision?

    Also, I understand I would learn an offer decision in 1-2 weeks...while the 2 weeks is not up just yet, I have received another job offer, and the company is asking me for a rather quick response. The job with your company is my top choice, so if there's anyway I could learn your decision this week, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you for your time and consideration."

    Good luck, I hope you get the job you love!! :flowers:
  3. As an HR person, ITA with redney. The way you put it is perfect - not being pushy or demanding, but just letting them know that you're interested AND that you've got something else on the table (although that other offer is, of course, not your first choice :graucho:)