I want to dye my hair darker!!!!

Feb 4, 2006
The color looks great on you!! And you're lips look good too! Ive been thinking of getting restylane(sp?) for my lips too. I didnt know it hurts alot though! you're lips are black??


Dec 1, 2009
♥ Imagination ♥
black lips!? Thats a little weird... is restylane permanent or does it have to be redone? I dye my hair darker, but it fades sooo fast! I've been considering black.. not sure if I'm brave enough to do that though.. I'm going to find the darkest brown black I can find though next time..
I am using clip in hair extensions I made myself!

I bought the hair from a wig store (it's 18" human hair extensions). It was about $110

Then I bought clips for the hair for $2 a piece and the total with tax ended up being $134

The same brand sells the exact same hair but with clips on it already and it's over $200!!! I saved $100 just by watching two movies and sewing my extensions myself. No complaints!


^^The extensions look great as well! You did a great job!


May 12, 2007
My lips are great! My boyfriend likes them. My bruising lasted a week and a half.

My hair was good for the first week and now it's a terrible mess and I ruined my hair extensions.

Getting my hair redone at a salon tomorrow and getting new extensions :sad: