I want to dye my hair darker!!!!

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  1. #1 Jan 27, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2010
    I want to dye my hair darker but I'm not sure if I should so I would like advice. Half my friends said not to touch my hair and the other half said to go for it, since I'm normally pretty tanned going darker will bring out my eyes more.

    I have hair extensions that match my natural hair now but my natural hair is pretty long. The extensions only add two inches or so

    I have never gone very dark before other than when I was goth in high school but that doesn't count.

    Anyways, I wanted to try a semi permanent to see if I like the color but I am semi concerned about it severely staining my hair and my hair not matching my extensions! I guess it that happened I could just dye my extensions to match. Two of my girlfriends are hairstylists so I should be okay if something bad happens. I just want to use a semi permanent to go a little bit darker temporarily and if it sticks I could always do a cocktail shampoo right?

    My hair is pretty healthy now but I have green eyes and you wouldn't be able to tell because they don't exactly pop!

    This is the hair color I would like


    I love the contrast of her skin with her super dark hair. I think it's absolutely beautiful

    I would like her face too but gotta do the best with what god gave you right?

    This is my hair now.

    sorry lame picture but it shows the color properly


    Like this is what she looked like with lighter hair, and I think the darker hair is just so so so pretty


    I just want my eyes to stand out more!!!
  2. I think your current hair is really beautiful. If you want to go a little darker I think you'll still look beautiful. Megan looks a total different person with darker hair!
  3. i think it would look pretty!
  4. Go for it! The best hair related decision I ever made was to dye my hair dark brown!
  5. i would go for it. but then again i love dying my hair :smile: i honestly have no idea what my natural color is other than it's a dark blonde. and if you don't like it... well then your hairstylist friends can help :smile:

    my hair stylist actually told me recently that i have a natural hair color that people would love to have. i looked at her like she was nuts. who wants dirty blonde hair?
  6. #6 Jan 27, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2010
    You have gorgeous hair now! But that being said -- I do think that the darker hair color on Megan would look absolutely beautiful on you as well! You have the right skin tone for it. I say go for it, and definitely post pictures! :flowers:
  7. use garnier or loreal.. i'll prefer loreal.... u;ll not get allergic to it.....
  8. I wouldn't go darker than a level 4/3.
  9. I love the dark hair. I've been wavering back and forth, but I finally just went back to 3N, which is similar to the 2nd pic you posted. I use a demi-permanent color w/out ammonia or peroxide, but beware your ends can still get really saturated. It's important when you touch up to only do the roots!
  10. ps- you have awesome hair and I think the pic is cute! haha
  11. Jenna, I think you'd look gorgeous with darker hair. Go for it. Besides, if you don't like it, you can always change it back.

    Ha, and if it makes you feel any better, Megan doesn't have the face she once had. Now, if only I could find a surgeon who could make me look as gorgeous as she is. :biggrin:
  12. So I made a decision ladies!

    I couldn't sleep last night thinking about it.

    I was worried if I went darker then my hair extensions would need to match and if I went lighter again I would have to lighten my hair extensions! I talked to my bff whos a hair dresser and we decided

    to dye my hair a demi permament (lasts up to 28 shampoos)

    and do the extensions a semi permament (lasts 7-12 shampoos) since I don't shampoo my extensions much. She told me some tricks on how to get the color out of extensions, since its easier to fade because they don't have follicles etc.

    So tonight I am dying my hair super super dark and if after a month I like it the extensions and hair are going to be permanently dark.

    And I think I am going to get some more lip injections done too. I love Megan fox's big lips, fair complexion and dark hair. Absolutely stunning!
  13. I think you will like the darker hair! I've never regretted going dark. You will have to post pictures once you get it done!
  14. I'll do my makeup and style my hair tonight and post pics. I'll do it with the extensions in. I am currently on a makeover site plumping my lips, and trying on Jessica Simpsons hair. I'll post a pic lol
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