I Want To Customize My Car With Louis Vuitton..

  1. Okay.. I just want you're honest opinion... I am planning on customizing my interior with Louis Vuitton Mirror fabric, or Damier fabric.... There is a site that sells LV fabric by the yard.. And they have the Mirror fabric available... It looks exactly the same as the fabric on the Mirror Speedy.... If I get the fabric, I can send my car to a shop where they can customize the interior with the mirror fabric.... I think this would look frekin HOT.. I mean I am am a guy and the only LV thing I can buy is a Wallet or briefcase:p.. Cant really get my designer satisfaction so I thought of this idea;)..LOL
  2. Hmmmm, the miroir might make the interior of your car an OVEN. I can't imagine sitting in those seats on a hot summer day :nogood: I'd op for the classic mono & keep the frying flesh to a minimum ;)
  3. I think it's a bad idea and a choice you're going to regret later on down the road. Honestly, when I see pics online of people with LV interiors, I think that they must really think those fabrics are real and they're also trying too hard.

    Why not just get like a cute keychain to hang off of your rearview mirror? :shrugs:
  4. LOL,wasn't planning on putting them on my seats, just some parts on the side doors and other parts of the car.... But maybe the Classis Damier or Classic Mono would be better.... And I was also thinking maybe Azur fabric, because I have a white infinti g37, and that would match good...;)
  5. I'm hoping it's a funny post, I got that feeling from the wink...don't actually think anyone should put fake mono in a car..:upsidedown::yucky:
  6. Here is an example of a custom LV car... But imagine Mirror fabric in a G37:drool::drool:
  7. sound sexy...lolz. it's gonna be way too bling though. When you open the door, and the sun will reflect...u noe. I like the Damier Azur better.
  8. eek. i personally don't think thats sucha great idea. later on down the road you might want to sell your g37 and then the buyer will probably not want fake LV fabric inside. i hope your not offended by my opinion.
  9. No actually I am serious about this.... Whats the problem of putting LV fabric on it... Wasn't there a cop on here who got a custom LV [FONT=arial,sans-serif][SIZE=-1]Baton as a gift... What the difference with this.....:confused1:[/SIZE][/FONT]
  10. Heyy no prob.. I wasn't offended at all.. I did ask for honest opinions..;) Thanks... Well I also have a 99 altima.. Maybe I can test it on that car..
  11. You guys are probably cringing because you think the fabric might look fake.. But this fabric is exaclty the same as authentics... Its Vinyl not fabric..
  12. I've seen it and I think it can look really classy if done well ! Its your car and if you will drive it for awhile and enjoy it, go for it
  13. Yay!! I got a supporter.. I'll post pics if i get it done...
  14. Regardless of whether or not if it's vinyl or fabric, it still seems kinda :yucky: to me. Just my true, honest opinion. I usually do agree with most things when it comes to opinions on the forum, but this is one that I am against. :flowers:
  15. LOL... Its no prob.. I did want honest opinions.. Thanks Jon:tup: