I want to cry... No more B-bags for me... for now

  1. Today was my first day at College...

    I decided to go back full-time for a year to get my Diploma in Business Administration, which will put me at a more Senior Level in my field of work as a Personal Assistant...


    That means living on a Student Allowance for the whole year and only being able to work on my holidays as a temp (if that!)

    And that means, no splurging in general (which I tend to do a LOT) and no BBAGS :crybaby:

    I know that getting my qualifications will undoubtedly ensure more Bbags for the future but HOW will I see the year through?

    Advice or tips... should I be barred from eBay and TPF!
  2. If I were you, I would go on a TPF and eBay ban so I wouldn't know what I was missing!:yes: :yes: :yes: It would be so hard though!
  3. If you skip those lovely fancy lattescoffee/tea and bring your own coffee/tea, that would save you (if you were in the UK) 3.50 GBP a day, that's 24.50 a week, that's 637.00 GBP in 6 months (or approx 1,274.00US dollars) and thats nearly enough for a bbag in only 6 months! you could buy 2 in a year while studying!

  4. Yes, I find when I don't go on eBay or tPF, I don't want b-bags as much.

    That's smart about cutting back on some luxuries to make room for others. I'd see what else you could skimp on to be able to save up for another bag.
  5. I am slowly getting the same problem as you as my parents are tightening my allowance(s) in order to make me more independant. >_< But it's basically just to try to cut the edges where you can (without having to devellopp anorexia or something extreme like that because of it =P, starving for bags is no good). You can have just as much fun, try to be a bit creative with your friends f.ex.
  6. So dang true!

    I think cutting up the Credit Card would help the situation as well!

    Online shopping is my worst enemy sometimes... and its the "little things" that add up at the end of the month!

    I'm going to try it out - thanks for the advice!
  7. The "little things" definitely add up! Before you buy anything, think "Would I prefer this or a b bag?"

    How many bags to do you currently have?
  8. aww poor fashioncult! But I defeinitely agree with Siri Anne's suggestion! save a little at a time and things do add up! x
  9. Congrats on your decision...sounds like a good time to savor and appreciate the bags you do have! Good luck and stay in touch! :smile:
  10. I can sorta relate, I have been unemployed since we moved to AZ 5 weeks ago, but that hasnt stopped me from buying. BUT the money I have been spending is from bags, accessories I have been selling, so it hasnt been so bad. Good Luck!

    Education is #1. I think its great that youre going back to school! YAY!
  11. Yes...get your education...the bbags will be there when you are done...if you wait until you are older to go back to school...you never will...good luck:winkiss:
  12. Yeah, you'll definitely have to stop visiting here and ebay. It really helps to get out of the loop for awhile and get distracted by other things.
  13. Congrats on going back to school. I think that education is one of the best things a person can do to ensure the widest set of opportunities possible in the future. Just think, with your added education, your earning potential will increase and you can buy more great bags down the road! Good Luck!
  14. The year will go by so quickly. Don't worry about it and think about all those future purchases you can make!!!!!
  15. Aw, good for you for going back to school!!!!! I would truly stay away from here and ebay... they put us in a "non-reality" place and mess with our heads! Take the time to enjoy the bags you have and be proud of yourself!