I want to cry-can you help????!!

  1. I was patiently waiting for 3.5 weeks for my black paillette very prive shoes to arrive from NM (I am in Australia) and when they hadn't arrived I rang up today and they have no record of my order, and they are very sorry!:cursing:

    Now they have sold out of my size and I can't find them anywhere!!!! I am so angry and upset and sad, I cannot believe it. I NEED those shoes! Has anyone seen them in a size 36 anywhere? I must have those shoes - you all understand, right?!!

    Help please!

    Thank you!

    (Here's hoping the silver bling blings I ordered arrive in a few days like the are suppoed to - but they are from a trusted eBay seller i have bought from before so should be OK:drool:)

    PS I wouls also be open to the fushia ones as a last resort so if you come across those in a 36 too please let me know!
  2. AGH! I'm so sorry that happened to you! i know I saw the fuchsia ones on Net a Porter (not sure about the sizes) but you should also try calling some of the CL boutiques (NYC and LA) I'm sure they might have them, or at least point you in the right direction. Good luck!
  3. Go on the Saks.com webpage and look up one of the stores--call them and they can search their stores' inventories ... maybe they can find you one this way. I heard they just started shipping internationally, too, which is great.

    Good luck! I have a feeling if you're patient (are they for a special event?) some will start popping up on eBay soon ...
  4. Sorry to hear that it's very dissapointing, I will keep my eyes open.
  5. Aww I am sorry to hear that... I know what it feels like to be waiting on a shoe only to find out its not coming! Check net a porter and then start putting in calls!
  6. ^^ I have never had a problem with NAP shipping - I would try there first.
  7. That really sucks tigaboy! Do you have an email confirmation from when you placed your order? If you do, then that should be absolute proof that you did place your order and they screwed up on their end.
  8. I am so sorry Tigaboy. I hope you are able to get them.
  9. Thanks everyone, I really want the peeptoe ones so I'll have a look at saks
  10. I am so sorry this happened to you! I agree with everyone else, try phoning an actual store to see if they still have your shoes in stock. Good luck!
  11. thanks - I'll start ringing around Monday
  12. Good luck on your hunt!