I want to create my own cupcake recipe but how do I go about doing it?

  1. I want to create my own cupcake recipe and add in different flavors or ingredients into the mix but how do I go about doing it? I have searched the internet using 'create your own cupcake variations,' how to create your own cupcake recipe,' 'how to create your own flavored cupcakes,' etc. and have come up with nothing.

    Is there a ratio you can stick to when it comes to adding in different things in terms of if you add an extra amt of dry then you have to add certain wet? I thought about just tossing in whatever into my cupcake mix but then the mix will either be too dry or too wet depending on whats in it.

    Any suggestions or can someone point me in a direction that can help me?

    Thank you!
  2. I dont know that you can really "create your own cupcake recipe" from scratch... you're better off picking one that has good reviews, making it, and then tweaking it to your own taste. Besides, there's only so many ways you can arrange the typical ingredients, so even if you tried to "make on up from scratch," it would probably end up really similar to an existing recipe.

    Just last night I made chocolate cupcakes, and put cherries in the middle of the cupcake. I didn't like the way it turned out, so next time I will mix a little cherry pie filling (just the goo part, not the cherries themselves) into the batter. Another time I used a regular cake recipe, and mixed maple & vanilla extracts into the batter; a different time it was pineapple extract & chunks of pineapple.

    Just choose a recipe and start tweaking!
  3. there is a cookbook called Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking that breaks things down to what proportions are neccessary when baking. I do not know too much about it but it might be worth buying or at least looking at at a bookstore where you can take notes on it

    another thought is there is a cupcake blog that I have gotten a lot of recipes from that you could look at and perhaps tweak to what you want http://www.cupcakeproject.com/
  4. I guess thats what my question really is.. how to tweak recipes without throwing the ratios off.. For example, I was reading about making macarons and someone was substituting different nuts in the mix but some nuts have more moisture than others and it was making the macarons not form the way they should so I would think if I randomly added in chocolate pieces and mini marshmallows into my cupcake batter to make a s'more type cupcake it wouldn't work out quite right.
  5. In reference to my above question about how to create my own cupcake recipe, it seems no matter what, from what people tell me, a recipe is probably already out there for whatever kind of cupcakes I can imagine. If this is so, how can you make an original to sell or are people who sell cupcakes just following a recipe created by someone else? It seems that would be cheating/stealing on their part, taking a recipe someone else created and using it to make money...
    We will be moving to Turkey in 8 months and as I will not work outside the home, I wanted to bake and decorate cupcakes to sell to friends with children and whatnot but it seems weird to use a cupcake recipe from someone else.
  6. The thing with baking is does anyone truly have a unique one of a kind recipe that is not a variation of a "standard" recipe or any bakers? If you were to pull up 5 or even 10 recipes for a basic white cake cupcake is there really an extreme difference from one to another? Probably not. I do not think you are have a totally original recipe. Is Martha Stewart's recipe for a red velvet cake that different than your grandmother's recipe for one? Most likely no. Again the amount of vanilla or chocolate or vanilla or vinegar may be slightly off but when it comes down to it is the same and did Martha copy great grandma?

    There is a TLC show called DC cupcakes on friday nights and one of the most recent episodes was them creating a new cupcake flavor to sell in the shop. The way they do it is to make small mini batches writing down exactly what and how much went in them tweaking the recipe to compensate for adding more wet or dry ingredients. They then take the mini batches and then divide them up again and cook each mini batch for different amounts of time. Even for them, experienced bakers they had to experiment and the flavors they make are ones that are not 100% original.

    As long as you are not copying a recipe 100%, you are making it your own. even using a different brand of salt, flour, vanilla, or chocolate you are making it different. You would be surprised how one brand of salt can affect the levels of saltiness so much or how a premium chocolate can make your cake different.
  7. I believe everyone who makes anything has just taken a recipe from someone/somewhere else and tweaks it to make it theirs. There really are no "original" recipes anymore.