I Want to Crawl Under a Rock and DIE!!!!

  1. Literally! My family was having this huge buffet party for Easter. Anyways, something I ate has been making me rather ill and now I just want to crawl under a rock and die!!! I am pretty sure that it was the seafood. I don't want to tell my mom because it would probably hurt her feelings.

    Please help and post food poisoning remedies, anecdotes, etc... Thanks. :sad: :sad:
  2. What works for me: get some rest, drink lots of water, some ginger ale, and if needed, some Imodium.

    Oh, I totally feel for you. Food poisoning is just the worst. But make sure you watch to make sure that you don't dehydrate or run a fever. And if you do, CALL YOUR DOCTOR! And then let us all know that you are ok!
  3. i've never had food poisoning but i always get the worst stomach-aches/cramps......the solution that works best for me is huddling up into a ball and whimpering.......but if that doesn't work for you maybe lying on a heating pad and drinking lotsa warm fluids to flush it out....sorry i'm not help :sad: but i really really hope you feel better and i'm sorry you're feeling so horrible on easter :sad2:

    i just read jag's ginger ale suggestion and that sounds good to me....it works for me when i feel nauseous or i have indigestion....
  4. ooh-SORRY you are ill...crawl into bed with a heating pad and sleep! If you run a fever and feel alot worse...go to the doc immediately!
  5. Relax, go to bed, have a bottle of ginger ale and saltines handy, Imodium if it's coming out one way, Alka Seltzer if it's coming out the other :shame:

    If you start feeling worse, get chills, fever, etc., go to the ER or see your doctor ASAP. Feel better! :love:
  6. Yes if you don't feel better soon go to the hospital. My husband has had food poisoning twice. Nothing better than getting help!

    Feel better soon.
  7. That's horrible! Please do monitor the situation, and don't dismiss it, simply as food poisoning. Sometimes food poisoning can be very serious. If it gets worse, get yourself to an emergency room.

    There was actually a case of food poisoning in the bed next to me, when I had to go in to the hospital for a migraine.
  8. water & pepto bismol. even tho the pepto makes me hurl, at least I purge myself of whatever is making me ill! keep hydrated!!!
    and go to the ER if what your'e having is what you think is just heartburn (if it lasts more than a day). my appendix ruptured last July - I thought it was just bad heartburn. since then, I've been telling everyone I know this.

    don't want to panic you, just keep it in mind.
  9. omg i feel your pain. my mom and grandmother always try to sneak me hidden pork or meat items (I don't eat either) and it makes me feel sick to my stomach for the rest of the day. plus overdosing on cadbury cream eggs doesn't help the situation any either .. :sad:
  10. I Have never had food poising, but my husband has, he drank lots of mint tea and ginger ale. ( any type of allergic reaction to fish should be taken seriously,) if you have a fever you must see a Doctor.

    I'm so sorry to hear you are not well

    ,Keep us posted.
  11. Drink a lot to keep yourself hydrated. Go to the doctor if it's still bag by tomorrow. Sorry this happened to you.
  12. Ugh I had this same problem today!!! Mine wasn't food poisoning I think I just ate too much too fast along with all kinds of junk food I never usually eat. I had to go home - took pepto, drank chamomile tea and used my heating pad and my tummy is trying to get back to normal. I hope you feel better soon and that it isn't food poisoning :sad: So sorry to hear you didn't have a good day either.

  13. you ARE an addict!;)
  14. Oh no, BL, I hope it's NOT food poisoning! A close friend of mine had it recently, and she had to be hospitalized for severe dehydration, so please watch out closely for fever or chills. I agree with the above suggestions - ginger ale is good, plenty of water, and I swear by Pepto Bismol. And in addition to soda crackers, for me, bananas seem to help. I don't know if the postassium in it makes me feel better but it seems to calm my stomach down. Just a suggestion...take care, and I hope you feel better real soon!
  15. awwwww. pepto bismol is probably a good idea, it may trigger a purge that will make you feel better...I'm sorry, there isn't much worse than stomach cramps. definitely see a doc if you don't feel better soon.
    sprite or ginger ale always eases my nausea. apparently altoids do too...I think....so something peppermint may help.