I want to consign my bags, can anyone recommend a good online consignment store?

  1. Unfortunately for me, the Sac a Depeche I bought a few months ago, I never really took to. I have listed it on eBay, but thats always iffy. Any ideas of a good consignor for men's things? Its too bad there is not a "mens" marketplaza here.
  2. I know a lot of resellers recommended on this forum will accept consignments. I know ladyauthentic out of Switzerland sells bags for others.
  3. Thanks. I am looking for someone who regularly handles mens accessories, since this is basically a mens item. There are a couple of consignors on the East Coast that I have dealt with and trust, however, they dont really do much in mens accessories. Anybody have any suggestions for someone specializing in mens? I thought of luxury zurich, but i would prefer not to have to send this out of the country. If you have any ideas, please PM me.
  4. i think a consigner is a consigner. in reality wouldn't the majority of people buying men's accessories really be women? buying for the men in their lives?
  5. Only place I can think of that deals with a 50/50 male female ratio would be Fisch for the Hip on West 18th...
  6. ^^^^ ugh. ugh ugh ugh.
  7. I know I know, she is not the world's most pleasant person to deal with, but given the location (Chelsea) she does cater to a large male audience...but still I know...
  8. Yep, thats the obvious choice, but you have identified the dilemma.
  9. I'm kind of getting very tired of eBay poor management, outrageous rules and Paypal high fees, and I'm considering selling my new and used handbags (mostly Louis Vuitton) through a consignment store.

    I've never done it before. Can anyone recommend any good online consignment stores that are fair with pricing and charges? Or places where you have very good experience with.
  10. I'm selling my to fashionphile as we speak. They were really good for me :tup:
  11. annsfabulousfinds.com is good
  12. I sold a LOT of lv's to fashionphile just a couple weeks ago. They are wonderful to work with. I didn't consign, I just sold them outright. I wanted to get the money quick. I feel very good about the prices I was paid. And they sent payment super quick. I would definitely recommend them.
  13. would you mind telling how /how much % they take?
  14. I'm very curious too. I thought I'd never consign because they take so much of the $$. I know it's a pain to deal with eBay but I'd rather have the extra money.
  15. Sure! She paid me a little over half retail for most of my bags. One bag (epi petit noe) she low-balled me, but it's because that bag is not in real high demand right now. I e-mailed Emily my list of bags and she sent me a list of prices they would pay. I was surprised they offered me that much, on their website they state that if you wish to sell as opposed to consign, they will offer you 1/4 retail. I feel good about the prices I got. I sold them 10 bags and 3 accessories all LV. The higher the demand, the more she'll offer you. I see on their website she already has 3 of my bags up for sale. Kinda weird to see my bags on there, kwim? Again, it's really about what's in demand right now. HTH