I want to buy_____ but I'm saying my money for _____

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  1. I'm saving up money for post-graduation, leasing an apartment in a big city, etc.

    But if I were going to splurge right now I'd buy this Gucci on bluefly for $3,840


  2. I love the pink crocodile trim.:love:
  3. I want to buy a Chloe Paddington Bag, but I'm saving my money for car insurance ( insanely high in MA) and post graduation living. :smile: Which may be a year away, but I'm going to need it.
  4. I want to buy a Speedy 25.. and I probably will, but I should be saving money for my brother (I want to help him with school).
  5. That's so nice of you Ayla!
  6. Thanks ! What can I say.. it's a hard struggle, and you're supposed to have fun when you're young, not worry and worry about bills ! :wacko:
  7. I want to buy a Damier Alma and a Black Epi Jasmin BUT I'm saving up my money so I can pay off my student loans asap!! ::sigh::
  8. That bag is nice! I typically don't like Gucci, but I have to give credit where credit is deserved :biggrin:
  9. I want to buy the Bottega Veneta, perforated leather tote in black which is $2690 but I'm saving for a house in Las Vegas!
  10. oopps..forgot pic [​IMG]
  11. i want to buy a fendi spy but am saving up for paying off my car loan...

    i find it funny how we compare bags to loans, cars, houses.. is that bad?
  12. I hope you get it. Its super pretty !! This is my fave BV design.

  13. yes it's a very nice bag....i have it and i looooooove it :love:
  14. i want to buy a white fendi spy, but i'm saving my money in order to not be broke anymore. ;)
  15. I want to buy an LV Epi Speedy and Cabas Piano.... oh, and a Balenciaga Medium City, but I'd like to save money to start an IRA and other savings/retirement accounts and investments. Gotta start early :biggrin: