I want to buy these bags USED

  1. I want to buy these 2 bags used. Authentic at a great price. What do you reccomend.
    I am new by the way
    Papillon damier
    Speedy 25 azure;)
  2. Check eBay.....and come back here to have them authenticated on the authentication thread first!
  3. www.let-trade.com is a good site as well that I as well as other TPFers have had good results with
  4. I would suggest let-trade as well.
    Good luck with your search
  5. remember, you cannot solicit sales on our message board. asking if someone knows where you can find a bag is fine, but if we see you try to buy a bag via our board, your membership will be in jeopardy. just a word to the wise.
  6. I am sorry. I didnt know I was doing that. thanks for the advice:shame:
  7. If you contact someone from let-trade.com, let them know what bag you're looking for, what condition, and what price range, they will email you as soon as they have something like that in stock.
  8. I would go to Let-trade.com
  9. there's so many Pap Damier on eBay in great price, eBayer: authentic_lvlady has 1 if I'm not wrong :smile: