I want to buy myself a nice chronograph watch, any recommendations?

  1. Something not too masculine, and ideally with either a stainless steel, or leather strap.

    Budget is pretty vague, I'll spend what it takes to get one I'll treasure ;)

    Here is my current watch to give you an idea of my taste
  2. You might want to check out the Michele Deco watch.
  3. Depends what budget you have available,Breguet do a beautiful one,diamond bezel and diamond set pale blue mop dial,its stunning but the price tag in the UK is hefty,about 10k,I don't know what that translates over to you,but its a lot here!! Let us know your approx buget and I'm sure you will get loads of ideas from others posting you!!!
  4. Hi, I have seen the Breguet one, it is stunning!x

  5. Gorgeous isn't it?? One of my former colleagues got one from the shop we worked in, courtesy of her lovely and loaded oh,it looked truly divine on her,my boyfreind at the time was'nt as rich or generous, so I saved up to pay off a Rolex I had to buy myself,glad I did it that way as he could'nt claim it back when we split up!!!!!

  6. I know I said budget was vague, but 10k is beyond me, whether it's $ or £! :shame:
    I'd say the maximum I'm looking at is £1000/$2000

    I've seen a TAG that I like, but it's pretty similar to the Omega I already have

  7. Thats what I was going to suggest! It is like the one you have though!

  8. That is pretty,I know the Omega lady sizes are small,and Tags are much bigger,they are quite similar though as Sharon says,maybe worth moving up a notch for a Breitling as opposed to almost duplicating what you have,even though the Tag is a chrono xxxx
  9. Hmm, well I've just bought myself a new Balenciaga and a new wallet...... so I think I might have to tone down my ideas or wait! :shame:
  10. I think Tissot has nice watches that are under $1000 usd. I personally want the T-Race. Rubber strap. About $450. Also, if you want to "play" get a Toywatch. They have the look and cost only about $150--300.