I want to buy my second Chanel before February 1

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  1. Okay, I just got a Black Medium Classic Flap in Lambskin with Silver Hardware... I really want to get one more bag before the price increase and need advice/suggestions.

    I want to stick with the Classics. No black. Probably going for Silver Hardware this time.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. whiteee!!! it is sooo cute! I would get white in caviar or maybe even a pink one?!
  3. ooohhh...Will white discolour...or turn yellowish?
  4. I think only patent will do that. I second the jumbo white caviar. I wish I had the money to buy that right now.
  5. Pink!

    Beige is gorgeous too, as well as the purple...ahh! they are all lovely. A white caviar is next on my "to-get" list.
  6. definately PINK !!!!
  7. Pink or white!
  8. a pink caviar would be fun. can't go wrong with white either.
    btw, to my knowledge, only light colored patent leathers will yellow.
  9. pink!!:love:
  10. Pink! There might be a med pink carviar g/hw left in store, good luck!
  11. Hi Jennifer..
    Am I safe to say that white caviar is OK..& they won't turn yellowish???