I Want to Buy my Mom a Bag for Xmas - Suggestions?

  1. Everyone in my family knows about my love for handbags. My mom's eyed some of my bags and said how much she likes them, but she'd never spend more than $50 for a decent leather bag. I'd like to buy her a nice designer bag this Xmas, but I can't spend all that much (I can't spend the same amount I spend for myself or I'd have nothing left over for the other gifts I need to buy!) She really liked my small Balenciaga, but of course, that's way out of my league (my small Balenciaga was a previously owned bag and I saved up 6 mos to buy my Med sized bag).

    Here are my "requirements":

    1. My mom is 62 years old and walks to and from work every day (it's a short walk, but still - it needs to withstand cold, Chicago temps & snow).

    2. It has to be a shoulder bag - she doesn't like arm bags, and preferably one with a zipped top.

    3. It can't be anything overly huge - she's more on the petite side, and she doesn't like what she calls "luggage" (she thought my Med Balenciaga was HUGE!).

    4. Nothing "flashy" with "bells & whistles" - preferably a plain black or brown leather bag, maybe with 1 or 2 small pockets on the outside.

    5. I'd like to stay under $200.

    I was thinking about the LV Accessories Pochette - http://eluxury.com/estore/browse/product_detail.jsp?id=10022588
    For me, this is way too small, but I know some people carry this as a small handbag. It's small and simple. I know it's more than my $200 self-imposed "limit" but it's LV - a classic, and I'd spend it for that. Does anyone have this & use it for a handbag?

    What other bags can you suggest? When I look at bags, I only see what I like and it's hard for me to choose something for some one who's tastes are so different from mine. That's why I need your help - Suggestions, please!!!
  2. Even though this design is simple (and I personally love it), I'm not sure someone who would never spend more than $50 on a bag would appreciate it (because it's LV, she might onsider it "flashy"). How about something from Coach (in the traditional leather, without the logo) or even something from a more affordable brand like B. Makowski, The Sak, Hobo, etc?
  3. That's the idea though - I want to buy her something that she wouldn't buy herself. Coach, Sak, D&B - they have TONS of those at our local Marshalls stores. If she liked one of those, I think she would have gotten one by now since they offer layaway and she does that a lot. They also sell both Coach & D&B at Carson's where she has a charge & shops a lot.

    I want to buy her something that's not something she'd see everyday and/or choose to buy herself. I don't think she'd think the LV pochette was flashy at all. But that's the idea I'm going for - that after all these years, my mom deserves to carry a bag with the "LVs" on it!!!
  4. Any thoughts on the HH Turnlock Lorca bag? I was thinking black or brown?
  5. I think the Lorca would be a great gift for your mom. Timeless, but a little edgy. Looks expensive, but doesn't scream.
  6. I think that the LV pouchette would be too small personally. the straps are small so I don't know if it would fit comfortably when she is wearing a coat. I have this and only use it when I am going out for the night to a bar.
    I know that you mentioned that you think your mom would have bought a Coach herself if she wanted it from Tjmax, but they have some nice leather selections at the Coach outlet in Aurora if you would want to check those out?
  7. Oh this is really cute!
  8. I think the Lorca would be a good idea--especially since she has already eyed up the leather on your BBags. Hayden Harnett has some really nice leather on their bags.
  9. That's what I was thinking - I was actually surprised that she liked my Balenciaga. It was my small one (the one in my avitar), but whenever I carry it, she always says how much she likes that bag - she says it's the perfect size!!

    Is the leather on the Lorca the same as the leather on the Havana? I'll have to look at the HH site, but does it come in an olive green or khaki? that's the color of my Balenciaga, so i was thinking of getting a similar color.

    Also, does anyone know if there are any HH d/cs available?
  10. My mom is the same way! She thinks the price of bags is just insanity. However, she went into a Coach outlet w/ me recently when I was looking for a work gift. She actually really liked the leather on the bags and was like, wow, these are nice! What about going to a Coach outlet if you have one near? They have great deals.

    Here's an idea- it is a touch over your range, but if you found it at an actual store, you might do better.
  11. I personally have the pochette and think it is too small for a purse. I use it as a cosmetic bag in my other LV handbags. And have upon occassion taken it out for casual evening over vacation twice I think. As nice as it is that you want to purchase an LV for your Mom I don't think that one is practical as a "purse purse." (IMO)

    Some of the larger retail stores like Macy's just recently had D&B and Coach on sale and you might check there if that is near you. I love shopping for handbags for gifts. Good luck.
  12. Here's a bag from UGG that I found @ Nordstroms. It may be kind of small though. Its $198. My Mother is just like yours, only wants shoulder bags
  13. That looks exactly like the type of bag she'd carry!! Did you buy this bag? Do you happen to have a style name? I"ll have to do some research and see if I can find anything out about this bag -
  14. That's the HH Lorca - that's the one I referred to earlier (I posted a pic of it in black) - are you buying that for your mom for Xmas?