I want to buy my First LV Bag .. but I can't find it :(

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    Hello people of the internet,

    Finally I decided to buy my first LV bag ( Pochette Metis in monogram print ). I have done a lot of researches and it's the perfect bag for my needs, and I just love how it looks. So I decided to buy it but the problem is I can't find it anywhere :sad: I don't know SA in LV since it's my first bag purchase. I bought a belt before but not a bag.
    Do you have any advices to hunt this beauty?
  2. You can add it to your wish list on LV and check back periodically because items will show up on the website on occasion. I'd also post on and check this thread periodically:


    PurseForum members will post when something becomes available on the website or with their SAs.
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  3. I would also make sure to do a lot of research on this bag before buying it because there are LOTS of problems with it.
  4. Thank you for the tips! I'll follow them all :heart:
  5. I did a lot of researches but everyone praises about it. What kind of problems should I expect?
    Thanks for the reminder :smile:
  6. Have a backup plan. :biggrin: Why get stressed!

    If you can’t find what you are looking for and are getting frustrated due to it’s unavailability, why not look for another bag you love. :smile:

    LV has many beautiful bags out there.
  7. The only problem I'm aware of is the potential for peeling glazing. Some will convince you that a PM not in perfect alignment is an issue or defect, but I beg to differ. If you can live with this then go for it. I've had mine since 2015 (purchased new from the boutique) and have had NO issues. I researched and purchased the PM knowing that there may be potential glazing issues down the line. Just my 2 cents.
  8. any suggestions?
  9. Even if you don't know any SAs working at LV, you can always go to their retail store and someone will help you. If they don't have stock, they can either order for you or put you on waitlist. The LV stores in my area have pretty good service so far, and every SA I meet has been nice to me :smile:
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  10. The nearest LV store to me is 1 hr drive so I called them and they said they don't have any available and they refused to put my name in a waitlist because it's full. :sad:
  11. Then you need to do more research because lots and lots of people have problems with the glazing, and those problems are due to the design of the bag. There are many, many, many posts where people talk about it.

    I've also seen pics of locks that are misaligned so badly that the bag doesn't shut correctly, but those aren't nearly as prevalent.

    I would never buy a Pochette Metis simply because of all the problems I've seen with it.
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  12. There are plenty of them on the preloved market in like new condition. It’s a nice bag.

    If this will be your first purchase think carefully and research it. It’s not the most inexpensive bag and I have heard a lot of issues have arisen due to its glazing. I am not an owner of the bag for that reason.
  13. The waiting list for this bag closed months ago. Your only way to getting this bag is most likely pre-loved or trying your luck in Paris where they have 7-8 LV boutiques which increase your chances. That’s how I got my PM monogram last week. And you need some luck as well.
    I was well aware of the issues this bag may have but I love the design and look of it so much, so I still went ahead and bought it.
    Good luck! Hope you’ll find your dream bag soon.
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  14. I may be returning the one I received yesterday so if I do I can let you know to call the store and get it. Although it is very functional, the look just doesn’t work for me.
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  15. I was able to order one from a Bloomingdales LV. I paid for the bag last month and picked it up a few days ago. When I first asked about ordering it in September I was told they weren’t doing orders anymore. When they started showing up online and some people were able to by in store, I called my SA again and he told me they were able to place orders again but they couldn’t say when it would come, just that by putting a deposit (which is pretty much just paying in advance) I would very likely get my bag. Despite the issues, I still wanted the bag because who knows, maybe mine won’t be problematic. Even if it does have problems, I know I can always go for repair and worse case, exchange for something else. I know a lot of people prefer made in France, and mine is made here in the US, but it really makes zero difference to me.

    PM me if you want SA info