I want to buy my first ever Mulberry bag-please help!

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  1. I am pretty set on Bayswater OR Emmy...
    What do you think? Good choice? Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I have both the Emmy and the Bayswater. What I like about my Emmy is that it has lots of pockets so I can always find my stuff and that it goes over the shoulder easily. And it's cute to look at. My Bayswater is beautiful in a different way, but I can't wait for summer because during the winter I need to carry it on my arm or it needs to be hand- held. And it can get really messy (I use pochettes to keep it neat and organized). Both are beautiful bags, good luck.
  3. Try them on and go for what you feel comfortable carrying! I have two bayswaters that I love dearly, ad use all the time. Tried on the both Emmy & Alana but neither worked - the shape is just not for me. So, it depends on the shape you like and what you plan to carry in it. Bayswater is a great work tote, but a bit large to usa as a bag for errands and shopping, perhaps. Good luck!
  4. Out of those two I would def go for the bayswater, its a classic bag and will look great with everything....
  5. You definitely need to try them before deciding. I just can't get on with the Bayswater, much as I love it as an iconic Mulberry bag.
    Have a good trying on session, get all your things out & put them in the bags. Walk around the shop so you can see how heavy they are with your stuff in etc.
    Have fun trying them out & let us know what you decided to get.
  6. I think you'll probably find that once you've bought one Mulberry, it's only a matter of time before buying another (usually a month or so :lol:). The two bags are totally different - the Emmy is more casual, the Bayswater more formal. Which would suit your look more?
  7. I have a black emmy and a black bayswater, love them both so can't help you decide! I think they're very different bags though so decide what will suit your lifestyle better. I agree with dita though, once you catch the bug there's no stopping you:nuts:
  8. Thanks everyone !! I love bayswater but I can't decide in which colour.. :confused1:

    My DH told me there's a little bit heavy than my others bag,
    anyone can help give me some advice ?? Thanks !! :flowers:

  9. Actually i am looking for a working bag but "Emmy" it has lots of pockets which bayswater don't have... Arrrrr~~ :shrugs:
  10. The oak bays is gorgeous!
  11. Hi, noticed that you are from Singapore too! Well, most people over here tend to buy either the black (those in corporate jobs), or oak (in the creative line) for work. You might want to consider the choco if you want to stand out. ;) I work in a more conservative industry, so I'm carry a black for work, and an oak for play.
  12. Wow, mirabilis thanks for sharing! :flowers:
    I am consider the choco or oak one, but I love the "PINK" too!! :love:

    Does the bayswater feels uncomfortable when fully loaded ?
  13. No, it's quite comfortable to me, anyway. I have a black Bays and love it!
  14. Yep it's quite comfortable, even when I (almost) overstuff it. The initial weight takes a bit of getting used to, but for a bag that's stuffed, it's surprisingly easy enough to carry. You will know when it's overstuffed, the outer handle starts slipping off your shoulder, but then, you can always carry it in the crook of your arm or hold it like a briefcase.
  15. Bayswater , no contest . I have bays and an Emmy , but it drove me nuts all the pockets and it's not too easy to get into .So I sold the Emmy.