I want to buy my first BBag, Please recommend, thanks!


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Apr 5, 2008
Hi, I want to buy my first B bag, please recommend for me.
I am late 30s, only 5',so probably a first or a city would be enough?
I will buy one for now, won't get new ones every year.
I won't carry it to work.
I also have not much time to shop, wishing to get it in one trip.

Any input will be highly appreciated! Thank you!:love::love:


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Nov 6, 2007
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Hello and welcome to the forum! Do you carry alot of things daily? If not, then the City or First would be a great starter bag for you :smile: I myself find the First a little too small but the City is just right, good proportion and can also be carried on the shoulder or by hand. Congrats on your decision!

suzie w

Jan 14, 2006
my opinion would be to get a color u absolutely LOVE!!!! i decided that my first would not be black becasue i have so many black bags..... so i got the light magenta with SGH and i love it! totally love it! goodluck on your quest... the most difficult is the decision is the color- but i went for the big pop this time! oh and the city is a great size! (IMO)


Aug 4, 2007
I am also looking to buy one. I saw the First and City in person like 2 weeks ago and I find the First to be really small. City to me is a more practical size if u wanna carry morethan just a wallet and a lipstick. =) I've set my mind on the City. Now I'm just deciding which color to get, but mostly it'll either be black or dark brown. =)


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Dec 21, 2007
I suggest browsing the Style and Color reference sections (in the Ref Library) to see which styles first make a good impression on you and which colors you feel you like. The First and City are two of the most popular choices, but that doesn't mean they're for everybody. Good luck!


Jan 31, 2008
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If you're not planning to carry the bag to work, go for a POP colour! The bal bags in strong colours are so fun!

I think besides a First or a City, another size you can consider is the Part-Time (which looks great with the giant hardware).

I went for a Pop colour myself, found them addictive, and decided to look for a classic black in First or City now. They are seriously addictive!

If you plan to get the bag you want in one trip, perhaps you could call the venues before visiting to make sure they have the colours you're considering, if you do a thread search, tpfers had suggested places and helpful SAs you can contact. HTHs.
Good Luck, and pls post pics of whatever you get. ;)


Sep 4, 2007
Welcome... have a look around the forum. There's plenty of info here and I was so hooked I read through it all when I first got on the forum. Have a look at the Reference section for the different styles, the "what's in your bag" sticky to see what you can put in the diff sizes, the "post your modelling shots with your bag" thread to see how TPFers match their bags to their outfits, the clubhouse section for lots of yummy bag goodness... etc! Have fun choosing, I think the best part is narrowing down the choice yourself instead of having people tell you what to get. :smile:


Nov 17, 2006
Hi, and welcome! I think that the city style would be great for you as a first bbag! It hold alot but still doesn´t look weird if you dont stuff it. I would probably get a black one since you´re not planning on buying more any time soon......unless, of course, there is a colour that you are dying to have! I hope this helps a little! Good luck!



Oct 26, 2006
I agree with the city. The first is kind of small and doesn't hold a lot. Maybe buy a neutral color or a color that could work as a neutral, such as red or yellow. Good luck!


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Jun 6, 2007
The city is a great size. The black city seems to be the iconic "safe" choice...but if you like color I'd recommend something in the red family. It seriously does go with everything.


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Sep 16, 2007
Scottsdale AZ
Go with the TUrq part time in Rh!!! I just got mine (my first Bal bag) and love it!! This color combo is unbelievable! Since you are buying a playtime bag, you should definately consider purchasing a Bal with a great pop of color!
This style bag is bigger than the city, yet smaller than the work. Its surprisingly light but can fit so much in it and look great! And since this style comes with a shoulder strap, there are many different ways to wear it. (as you can see I just LOVE this bag) Anyways good luck choosing your first Bal bag! Please post pics when you get her!


Feb 28, 2007
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Hello there, welcome to balenciaga :jammin:

since you are not carrying it for work then i would suggest a City. the First is great too if (I can generally fit everything i need in there (minus a sweater, which I can fit in the City), but I do not zip of the bag - so it all depends on what you would like to do :yes:).

black is always a great color, but if you are like me & live somewhere warm you may feel it is too dark for spring/summer wear. i feel as though my sandstone city is more "neutral" than my black believe it or not :P however, if you live somewhere that has generally mild weather then i think black would be good :yes: otherwise maybe consider something that works well for you during all seasons.