I want to buy my 1st Balenciaga bag I need Help PLEASE

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  1. I have MANY LV,Chanel but no B bags
    I am 5'7 what size small or med
    I dont want large...
    Plus I want to know when you have your stuff in the bag does it sag alot...In some pictures I see ALOT of sag and some not much..Is the leather on some bags thicker and some thinner KWIM
    I have no clue about this and should I buy in the store or ebay and does Saks sell them

    THANK YOU for any input you may have:biggrin:
    That was GREAT info

    Do I get First or City LOL
    If anyone has a picture wearing it can You please post
  3. If your use smaller bags I suggest the First, if you like a great Med. size bag, then the would get the City. I think the city is best for a first time Bbag owner.
  4. You're welcome :amuse: The amazing woman behind that website is also a member here, I'm sure she could help you out ;)

    And I agree with ranskimmie, I'd go with the City as well :heart:
  5. Can't go wrong with starting out with a City. Truthfully, I am loving all of the styles a lot now. B-bags look great on everyone. It's no wonder we want more more more! :biggrin:

    So many colors, so many styles and so many combinations of the two! :love:
  6. hey ya... woo hoo another b-bag person!!!! :smile: this is SO exciting... i love trying to help ppl get their first b-bag!!! :lol:
    anyway, i totally agree with everyone else... a CITY is probably the BEST size to start off with... I have a black CITY and its great! It holds a lot of stuff! the more stuff you have it in - it won't sag - but then again i dont think my CITY sags at all... hmmm, i might have to check myself out in the mirror on that one and get back to ya (HA HA) anyway... i think there is a pic of me holding my CITY in the showcase or somewhere on the PF....
    good luck on your search.....
    what colour are you hoping to get??????
  7. I think I know what you're asking when you ask about the sag. It's not a heavily constructed bag, so yes, that does happen, especially near the handles where there's some pulling up. If you are looking for a bag that retains it shape sort of like a frame bag does, you might find that disconcerting. I've gotten used to that and now it's not an issue for me. In fact, I'm starting to prefer it to my more constructed handbags!
  8. THANK YOU everyone for your feedback I GUESS I will search ebay for a CITY bag FOR my first one..I am open to color..I have CC in black grey beige and LV bags so I think I want to be BOLD and get some COLOR ;) I will let you know what I find....By the way if I buy on ebay what is a good price for a city??
  9. Why don't you call that place in Chicago that is having a sale right now and see what colors they have? I have and ink city, and it is great. It changes colors depending upon the lighting conditions. Also, cornflower would be a good first color.
  10. I called and they are closed I will try again tomorrow
    If you get a chance can you post your 2 bags so I can see the colors??:yes:
    I am SO scared to buy a B bag....Because I know myself and once I get 1 I WILL BE hooked and want more colors LOL:cool:
  11. Definitely suggest a City- I love love love mine! I just called that store in Chicago and someone answered the phone. Try calling back, or call first thing tomorrow. I would really recommend that you get one from a retailer than ebay- there have just been too many superfakes and issues lately. You will love b-bags!!! COngrats!
  12. Definitely get a city!

    Hey jag- did you order a new bag from Shirise?