I want to buy her a bag as a present...but which ?

  1. Hello everybody

    I need some help choosing a Hernes bag for my girl friend (yes, I am a guy). She has for a long time been using other brands like Gucci, LV and Prada, but for a long time she has been talking about how Hermes is on a totally different level and she often stops up passing the local Hermes shop.

    Well, she dosent have birthday for a long time and Christmas is also far away. Anyway, I thought it could be funny just to give her a Hermes bag as a present on some otherwise borring week day. However, I am very much in doubt what to give her.

    Birkin and Kelly are out of the question as I do not want to give her a number on a waiting list. I would like to be able to go into a Hermes shop and buy something, bring it back home and give it to her.

    A little about her:

    32 years old
    Casual clothing and a little concervative, jeans with a jumper, sweater or cardigan.
    Not very tall and very thin.

    I hope some of you could give me some advise as I think it is quite difficult to choose model, size and color. Any ideas ?? :love:

    I just really want to surprise her and make her happy.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. do NOT surprise her with a bag. a bag is a personal thing to carry and best for the individual to pick her own!!! if $$ is no object, take her to a boutique and tell her to pick whatever she would like. this will make her happy.
  3. ja hype, that's so sweet! lucky girl!
  4. Bolides and Trims (and Gao) are lovely bags to consider :smile: I think a Bolide is the next best thing to a Kelly or Birkin :yes: HiHeels might have a good point though, it's a big, long term investment, so it is important that your gf likes the color, leather, and hardware of the bag, so it may just be best to take her ^^
  5. my dh bought my bag. lovely surprise, touching, fond memory/feelings toward the bag, etc etc.
    would have been better if i could have picked what i wanted. a bag is too personal, and unless she can buy her own hermes, this is a huge chance for her to really be supremely happy, rather than accepting what you chose for her, with the help of competent strangers. she should pick her own bag (sorry, feel rather adamant about this).
  6. I think a better surprise would be to bring her in the store.
  7. Unfortunately, I am affraid that if I take her to the shop and tell her "take what you want, I'll pay", she wont take anything but rather look at the prizes and say "this is too expensive, dont use that kind of money on me"....and then nothing happens. She is not very good at buying something herself and equally bad at accepting that I would like to pay for it (speaking from experience). Then we will go home with nothing and next time we pass the Hermes store she will stand there with her dreamy eyes again........ that is the tricky part....
  8. get her a gift certificate/store credit then.
    really, if she is that enamored with hermes, please please trust us that SHE has the best idea of what she would love and adore. these bags mean A LOT to us.
  9. I do indeed trust you on that !
  10. Welcome to the Hermes sub-forum JAHype! What a lovely guy to think of getting your GF an H bag. I suggest a Bolide or an Evelyne. Good luck!!!
  11. How about a gift certificate? This way she can choose something she really likes? You are a very thoughtful boyfriend to go to this much trouble!!
  12. realize that size, leather, color, hardware are all personal decisions, and our opinions are colored from our own experience/preferences. no way you'll find the exact right bag. also, she would love what you got her no matter what, but then she would explore the world of hermes and possibly discover a more appropriate bag for herself and then what you really would have given her is years of yearning for another.
    and despite her protests... i think she might be swayed to accept this INCREDIBLY generous gift. a gift certificate would also give her time to do some research - be sure to give her our #! ;)
  13. Thanks for all the advice, it is very much appreciated.
  14. I think the Paris Bombay is nice and she can always carry it when you go on a date. I especially like it in Orange/Pumpkin.

    Don't rule out the birkin/kelly just yet! I think your chances are pretty good if you tell the SA nicely that you want to buy a bag for your gf. Honestly, I wouldn't want my first Hermes bag to be anything other than a Birkin/Kelly. What's the point?
  15. re. bolides - what if she prefers structured bags, or shoulder bags?
    re. trims or evelyns or gao bags - what if she prefers hand-held, etc.?

    nope, can't pick another woman's bag.