I want to buy an everyday LV bag, which one is best?

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  1. Hey all! I need some advice/help. I want to purchase a new Louis Vuitton but I need to be for everyday use. It has to be large enough to lug around all my necessities ( I gave 3 kids ) . I have a little collection, I have a Cerises Sac Plat, and a Multicolore Speedy 30 in white,and a Sarah wallet in monogram. That's it! So I know I need an everyday casual one, please help....
  2. Oops I meant to spell have 3 kids lol!
  3. I just got a galliera and LOVE it. I have 2 kiddos. On the other hand I think the palermo and totally are great bags for us moms.
  4. Monty or BH ?
  5. Omg! I love your bag!!! So pretty I was looking at it today online too! The azur is nice and light like refreshing to me. Good choice mom! I was thinking totally gm or mm maybe too. I don't need a diaper bag, but it's nice to have room I can't bear tiny bags I'm not young and single lol. Unless I'm going out, sorry about that. But everyday sheesh I got my wallet, iPhone, suburban keys with a pepper spray and key chains from the kids, make up bag an occasional pullup lol, snacks ( maybe) you name it I have it. I think I'm going to look into the totally, thanks Hun! I'm such a soccer mom but I like toblook my best with my family and I'm worth it! :smile:
  6. Ohh what about the Cabas Mezzo? Or Neverfull Gm?
  7. Palermo GM..its shoulder, crossbody, and handheld! more then enough room to hold all your kiddies and your things! :yes:
  8. How about the new Artsy? The MM is very big, and I believe that it has 6 pockets inside, and with kids, I know that you need organization!
  9. Galleria!
  10. I have three boys, and while I don't need a diaper bag, I need a bag that I can throw extra thing in....I like the totally (love this bag!!!), mezzo, galleria, and the palermo.
  11. I would say Palermo is more versatile, can carry it in any way you want, very roomy and chic. This is the best everyday bag I can suggest....
  12. speedy or galleria
  13. i just recently bought the Batignolles Horizontal..it's a great bag..i am all for it..it's easy to get in, it's roomy, comfortable,..everything you need...i love it so much...and great price!
  14. i love my neverfull mm....great everyday bag, fits everything and a great shoulder bag!!!
  15. Maybe a Speedy 35 or Galleria. I would have suggested a Neverfull MM or GM, however with your 3 kids it might become too heavy, the straps tend to dig into your skin and can hurt.