I want to buy a Vachetta Mandy...not Legacy...WTH!?!


Sep 8, 2009
Ok. I had THE craziest buyer today and I JUST had to share the conversation with all of you....my head is still spinning.....PLEASE if I am wrong about ANY of this, I want to know. AND for the mods...the bag is gone. Sold and out the door..so no worries :smile: Get you Tylenol out...you will need it.

Hi. Can you tell me the tag number on this bag. Thank you.
Here is the right link.
Can I have a picture of the inside and maybe the tag? My email address is XXXXXXX@hotmail.com. Thank you.

*I reply with the creed number.

Hi. I don’t want someone to grab this bag before I get a chance to make an offer. I want to know the tag number so that I will know if it is what I am looking for. Thank you.

*I reply with the creed number again

It looks like there is a scratch on the turnlock, does that scratch go all the way down to the undermetal? And do you know if all the edge sealants are in tact? Have you conditioned this bag before? Are you the original owner?
I hope you don’t mind all my questions

*I am not the original owner. I have conditioned it. The scratch is not deep. And it is missing sealant on the leather that has the O ring to hold the strap, this would be from it being carried and the weight of the bag.

Thanks. Do you think this bag could be vachetta leather?

*It is original Legacy leather. They made Vachetta and Garcia. This is Vachetta

I am glad to hear that. I have a 10328 and I love the color of the whiskey leather. I do not like the color of the whiskey leather in the 0769. I am going to make you an offer. Thank you.

*I have one for 300 do you want it for asking price?

Yes. I will pay full price if you are sure it is the waxy vachetta leather. I do not like the color of the leather in the leigh or the mandy in the smoother leather. Do you believe this is the same leather as the F063-10331?

****at this point I was not home and could not reply*****

I went ahead and bought it! I am just believing it is exactly what I am looking for. Can’t wait to get it. Thank you.

*Any style number with an F in front of it is a factory bag this is not a factory bag. it is a full size bag, same leather as gigi and legacy satchel 10330. It is not the same as leigh you are describing.

*I just got your payment I live in Richland, WA! Mandy should ship VERY fast!

I forgot to ask you,, will you be sending the dust bag with this? I hope so.. I try to ask every question,,,

* Yep

I know I already paid you for this bag, but I want to cancel my purchase. I am looking for a Vachetta Leather Mandy bag and I do NOT think that this is a vachetta leather. I’ve been doing some research. It is not a vegetable tanned leather bag. This actually looks almost identical to one that just recently sold on ebay and it is legacy leather, but not vachetta. Vachetta is waxy and very distressed. I know I already paid you and that you get charged $5 or something to sell. Can you please refund my money.
You can call me if you want or I will call you. I pray that you will refund me. I really thought it was vachetta after we messaged, but am sure that it’s not now. Here is an ebay listing for Vachetta Leather 280456687207.. I didn’t see it until after it sold..
Here is my phone number xxx.xxx.xxxx. Please refund my money and I will pay you if you were charged.
Thank you.

*I am not sure I understand. Whiskey Mandy is ONLY made in one kind of leather.

Actually, the Mandy is made in a cowhide type leather and a vachetta leather. This bag is the leather that has a number starting with A0769-10331… The Vachetta leather Mandy has a number that is F063-10331. I have 2 vachetta leather bags. One in style 10328 and one in a black mandy. If you look at the ebay item number I gave you, you will see the Vachetta. This bag appears to be the one that sold recently and I do NOT want that bag. I didn’t bid on it, on purpose. I just called paypal to see if I could get my transaction cancelled and they said that only you could cancel it. I pray that you do. I know it’s been a couple of hours, but I am sure that you will be able to sell this bag again. I will pay you the extra $5 for your fee if it’s not refundable. Please refund my money. I was so excited when I saw it, but then realized that it most likely is the bag that sold on ebay just last week.
Please call me if you disagree. We need to work this out. Thank you.

*I am researching this. You are aware that the care card for this bag reads “crafted from unique vegetable tanned leather”. Tell me about the leather on your pond bag, is that what you consider Vachetta?

No, the pond bag is factory leather. It is not vachetta. Vachetta is waxy leather. Did you look up the bag that I gave you the number to? I’ll give you another.. This is Vachetta 180456930306
This is not Vachetta 220540507353
The Vachetta is waxy and slick feeling,, marks very easily and is not dried out looking. It feels almost greasy.
There is a big difference. It has taken me awhile to figure out that the bags with the numbers starting with 769 in them are from 2008 and are not Limited Edition Vachetta Legacy Leather.
If you want. Please relist the bag and hopefully you will resell it by the end of the day and then you can refund my money. Please don’t send it to me. If that is the bag that was on ebay, and I am not positive it is,, I do not want it.
I am so sorry for this. I need to STOP buying! I am getting myself into a mess.
Please work with me somehow on this. I do not have a bonanzle sellers account and I really can’t afford to open one and I couldn’t get my money back on this bag on ebay.
If you would like to talk to me about this, please call. Leigh
So I called her and the conversation was about the same. I told her she was wrong, and tried to tell her what she was wrong about. Anyway, I got so irritated I got off the phone and gave her the money back. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THAT!!!!


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Jun 21, 2007
Well, she obviously has convinced herself on something that might not actually be the case. She should have asked you to send the bag to see it IRL, to be assured if this was what she wants. When you have a belief of something in your head, it's hard to be assured of the item through pics (and sometimes 100 questions!).

In the end, it's probably best that you refunded her to stop the madness. Who knows what would have happened after she received the bag?!?


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Sep 1, 2007
Grand Blanc, Michigan
What a headache. There must be a thread on here you could direct her to...no, nevermind, too much ignorance to even bother with on that one. At least you will likely sell it again. Good grief...


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Dec 12, 2005
Norman, OK
Just be glad that your transaction with her ended as it is and not after the fact that she got it? Sounds like she wouldn't be satisfied once she gets it if she didn't propose the refund even before you shipped.


Oct 6, 2008
honestly, i think she just wanted her money back and made a bid deal out of nothing, trying to drive you crazy so you would return the money... sounds to me like she knew what she was bidding on but got either buyers remorse or was in a money crunch...


May 22, 2008
We need a little smiley guy with his head spinning!

At least she's gone now. I would have done the same thing just so I didn't have to deal with her!


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Aug 17, 2008
wait..I'm so confused. I thought ALL '06 and '07 Legacy bags were made of Vachetta???! No?