I want to buy a used Hermes kelly bag

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  1. I've been looking for the past 2 years and I'm afraid I will get jipped with a fake one. I hear the only way you can guarantee it's a real one is to ger a real hermes receipt from the seller. Is that true?:sad2: Why is there so many fakes being sold. Is there no legit vintage Hermes kelly bag. Help me find one please!!!:cry:
  2. This site sells legit previously owned Hermes handbags:


    Rachel also has personal shopping services, if you're looking for something in particular.
  3. Pocketyee, it's not true that receipt guarantees authenticity. There are some unscrupulous sellers who sells fake with fake receipt. Fake receipts can be easily purchased at iOffer for US$20 each.

    There are some authentic pre-owned Kellys on eBay. If you need help, you can post the item number here & I'll help you take a look.
  4. Last time I checked Portero online auctions (on ebay). Portero guarantees authenticity and has been written up for it in magazines/newspapers.
  5. Sorry! Meant to say "last time I checked Portero had a few."
  6. Try www.luxwear.com. Some of the girls on TFS have gone through her. I've exchanged a few email conversations with her as well and she is just great! Sign up for her newsletters/updates and reply to her welcome letter. Very informative!
  7. I went back to double-check. What they've got left, now, is an ostrich birkin. Very nice!
  8. I didn't see an ostrich birkin.
  9. item number: 6851935189
  10. Here's the pic:

    Attached Files:

  11. ^^^oo thats beautiful. The birkin I saw tonight was that color but in clemence leather and that horse hair :lol: If it were that one I'd have wanted it!!!!
  12. I agree. This one is very pretty!
  13. btw, what are they selling it for on there? I'm wondering what people usually mark up birkins :biggrin:
  14. I think it's been bid up to around 6K plus right now (haven't double-checked that) but the reserve hasn't yet been met.
    The re-sell on Birkins is excellent.
  15. Pardon me, US $6,950.00 (reserve not met). So -- good value, and investment piece definitely. And I've seen very badly scuffed ones sell for higher than I would have expected prices, too!
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