I want to buy a new bag!

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  1. Okay, so I want to buy a new handbag!
    I am going to tell you what I have already so we don't waste our time discussing bags that are similar to mine or ones I already have!
    I have a lot of brown Gucci monogram, and brown Louis Vuitton monogram.
    I have two Chanel's...both black with gold hardware.
    and a marc by marc jacobs that is black with gold hardware.
    And that's about it.

    So I was wanting something exciting. I kind of want to stay away from gold hardware since all my bags have gold hardware.
    I want a red bag....like, red, purple, green...something other than white, black or brown.

    I've been looking at the YSL tribute, as well as the marc jacobs blake.

    I want to spend around a grand...under or over. Doesn't really matter.
    Any opinions?!?!
  2. I'm in love with the Prada glace collection right now. Sigh!
  3. Color bags, no gold hardware and around one grand? How about Balenciaga City or Twiggy?
  4. That's a great thought!
  5. If it were me I'd buy a red nappa Prada Gauffre- over a grand but such a cute and exciting color! They have some with silver hardware too.

  6. I think the Blake is a great bag and there are new colors for the Spring. You can check it out at marcjacobs.com.

    The leather is delicious!
  7. It sounds like a colorful Balenciaga would work. A MJ Blake would also be good, but I believe they have gold hardware right now.
  8. what about an MJ stam?
  9. I love the red Miu Miu as well as the red woven Gryson olivia too! There are lots of great red bags out there right now!
  10. Tano bags have a lot of color and you can get like 4 for $1000.00. :tup:
  11. Balenciaga! :tup:
  12. the YSL tribute sounds like a really good addition to your collection. How about the muse or downtown?
  13. Try and get something with a classic feel, as it works with jeans and sophisticated things as well. I like Botegga. I also got a got a good deal on one from http://www.bellabolsa.com/. They are 100% authentic and the customer services was good. I live in Southern California, near Malibu and i have to shop mostly online to get such things. So good luck shopping