I want to buy a Mulberry Bayswater but which color?

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  1. I like the pink one from ss2008 but would it be classic? I don't want my bag to be in an outlet after I buy it full retail price. Anyway, I don't like brown bag no matter what the brands. I also think white looks good too. It seems to be like I couldn't choose which color to go for.

    I have a Chanel Pink Cambon with black CC, a Bubblegum Balenciaga, another Chanel tote bag in Pink. My sister told me that I'm getting older and pink bag will soon not suit with my age :sad: and my BF also said that no more pink bags as you have enough.

    Anyway, I do think black and brown classic bayswater are not for me as the style with those 2 colors look so grown up.

    I do consider the white color but Is pink better? It is cuter?

    What do you think which color I should get? :confused1:

  2. Hi Vicky!! I only have a Pink one in glove leather and thats much lighter than the normal darwin leather.So I can't really say about the weight difference between patent and usual leather.I went for the pink,but mine is from a couple of seasons ago and has the brass hardware,but its such a beautiful color,and a bit more of a statement than white for me personally.Plus I think I would'nt be able to keep a white one pristine,and I'd be so wary of using it,I don't think I'd enjoy it properly.

    There are other ladies on here,such as Flossie and Speedyqueen who have a few Bayswaters and can give you a better idea of weights between the different leathers,there are other ladies who have a couple and can help you out too.

    I think from your post though,color is the biggest issue for you.If you have the lifestyle where white would suit you,and you would really enjoy it,go for it!! The Bays is such an iconic bag,it looks lovely in all colors,and I have to say I've seen the white Bays with the new silver hardware,and although its not for me,it is lovely!!
  3. Thanks so much for your answer ,dear.

    Yes, the color of the bag is my big issue :yes:. I really want to own some English brand bags. In the past I bought Anya Hindmarch a lot but I'm so boring with it now and I don't really like burberry. I never own one Burberry in my whole life and never will :lol:.

    I think I won't get the white one. My collection got some black, jeans, pink,blue,purple,very dark brown, polka dot, and also red :rolleyes:.

    But I am not sure about the color becuase I always think Pink is the best as it is my fav. color (lol).
  4. I think the pink Bays is gorgeous along with the purple. YOu can't go wrong with either!! Buy one!!!!!!
  5. Thanks a lot kroquet and chaz. I think I'll go to the boutique maybe next week to get a pink mulberry :smile:
  6. I've been thinking oak.. but not sure yet. Maybe I have to use that.. that thing where I can choose the colour myself and they will make it then just for me. I don't remember what that servise's name is but you know..you know? :P
  7. I just got one in black and LOVE it!!!!
  8. It's Bespoke :yes:
  9. I love my chocolate Bays - and now even more after seeing Flossies glampic from Italy!:love:
  10. hi there , I have a few bays and yes patent is lighter.
  11. Oh! It's lighter so I must go to try both the normal one and also the patent as MJ bags are always too heavy for me. I have no idea with the weight of bayswater.

    Thanks a lot for your answer :smile:
  12. I did check again for you the patent is slightly lighter than a darwin but my vanilla is the lightest I would say.